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06-10-2009, 09:50 AM
I'm in quite a pickle financially speaking and am asking the community to think about contributing to support the fees associated with keeping the board up and running. I would ask those that have never contributed before to please consider donating just a little bit as opposed to the same names every time. Whether you like me or not, or whether you like/dislike cons/libs - the board is here for everyone's enjoyment and the bills still need to be paid.

As an example, and this is the truth - last month I paid the bills up to date regarding this site - and I allowed my storage unit to go into default which is going to result in it being auctioned off. After moving back home from my marital separation, I placed many things in storage. Most of it were things I gathered while building up my own "home" while renting an apartment, and some were personal belongings. I have since removed all things I cherished but couldn't afford to continue paying $98 per month to just have things sit there, so I chose the board over that stuff/junk. Don't ask why the stuff was never just returned "home" with me as the explanation would take a few years to fully explain. :)

My point being - I love the community and will do whatever it takes to keep us afloat. But I'm a lousy dirtbag who has little income to speak of, and am now humbly seeking a tiny bit of assistance from those who can spare $5 or so. If able to do so, the Paypal donate button is located at the very bottom of the board.

*** Please keep in mind that I have removed all advertising efforts from the board, whether that be Google or Yahoo, and even private advertising links that might make the board appear to be less desirable. ***

06-12-2009, 09:32 AM
I've only received one donation thus far, from crin63 who has graciously donated in the past. In fact, most donations received have always been from the same members throughout the existence of this board. While not complaining, I'm curious as to the reasons.

1- Is the economy hurting those who have never donated?
2- Does the way the board is ran affect one's decision to donate?
3- Is it because the board members are mostly conservatives?
4- Do people just not like me as owner?
5- Do members feel that since I started the board I should always bear the costs?
6- Do some members not care if this board disappears?

Donating is always an option and never mandatory, and I'll always try to keep the board alive regardless of who donates and who doesn't. Just out of personal curiosity, I'm wondering why quite a few prolific posters here don't care to assist to the community that they're a part of. Maybe there is something lacking about the board that would make it more worthwhile to users, and I can work for change in that direction?

If you don't mind, please shoot me a PM so I can have a better understanding. I'd like to think that the always returning members would like to see the community continue to move forward. If I have a better understanding of what the community wants, I can work towards that goal. I truly don't want to use advertisements for the board as I feel it takes away from the experience and clutters the threads and appearance of the board.

06-12-2009, 11:16 AM
If you willput up my banner from last time...I'll donate again...LOL

06-18-2009, 09:13 AM
Emmett's banner has been placed up from last time, my apologies for forgetting. At my request to figure out why some don't want to, or cannot, assist the community - I received 2 pm's.

Ads have once again been placed on the board and I will be working towards further advertisements to hopefully gather enough to pay the hosting fees and renewal of vB license.