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07-09-2009, 09:33 AM
Massive attacks are under way against U.S. government institutions, the Pentagon, our financial institutions, your bank, and thousands of infrastructure systems including our electrical power grid.

These attacks are coming largely from China and Russia.

Imagine for a second the deadly scenario that would ensue if cyber warriors hacked into the air traffic control systems for three major airline hubs, sending numerous planes off course:

Three aircraft crash, killing hundreds, and U.S. air traffic is paralyzed, leading to canceled travel plans that ultimately cost more than 100,000 American jobs.

Already Homeland Security planners are worrying about terrorists and adversaries seeking to attack the United States not with bombs and guns but with sophisticated computer tactics that could send America back to the dark ages.

In one scenario, enemies of the United States use computer savvy to drain $5.5 trillion from American financial accounts in three hours, plunging the country into another Great Depression that could last decades.

Such accounts are not mere fictional yarns, spun to entertain. Indeed, Newsmax magazine's special report "Cyber War: It's Already Begun!" is out, revealing that U.S. government officials admit that the incredible attack on U.S. financial accounts actually was attempted and thwarted.

With international computer espionage and cyberattacks at an all-time high, renowned futurist and former White House adviser Dr. Marvin J. Cetron shares his disturbing vision of America's technology vulnerabilities, and details what every American needs to know about the looming threat.

Futurist Cetron has incredible credentials. In 1994, as a consultant for the Department of Defense, he warned in a written report that terrorists were planning to use commercial aircraft as guided bombs to strike major landmarks.

Now, he is issuing new warnings about cyber warriors.

They can delete or alter computers records, copy secret files, create fraudulent documents, steal corporate secrets but worse, they have the potential to produce disasters that could be staggering, killing tens of thousands or worse.

These threats are not imaginary. The first skirmishes in this hi-tech war already are being fought.

Why the U.S. is "pathetically unprepared" for cyber warfare
A troubling number: 20,000 attempts to break into government networks in 2008
A "vast spy network" based in China has hacked computers in 103 countries

The covert attack that is "virtually certain" to occur

Hacking Border Patrol computers could let al-Qaida terrorists flood the country

Computer manipulation of a nuclear power plant a meltdown waiting to happen

How a single water system engineer could produce a drought or deadly floods

The top 10 cyberattack trends in coming years

"Electromagnetic pulse" bombs can render the Internet useless

The threat of computer blackmail

A cyberattack on U.S. oil refineries would push gas prices to $6 a gallon

How U.S. extremists could use cyberattacks to poison America's foreign relations

China's cyber threat to America's electrical grid

Hackers can sabotage electronic voting machines in the U.S.

Saudi oilfields' vulnerability to cyberattacks

Hackers can target the "no-fly" list

Foreign cyber warriors have stolen trade and government secrets
And most importantly, how you can protect yourself from cyberattacks and terrorism!



07-09-2009, 09:51 AM
Not sure if I want to know it all..... :eek:

07-11-2009, 08:10 PM
It is definately something we should prepare for in our country, imagine all those things being shut down by a computer hacker. Our ancestors knew how to garden, farm, sow and do without technology, If our country was shut down the "instant gratification" generation really wouldn't be prepared.