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Winfried Sobottka
10-25-2009, 11:58 PM
Wonderful Women, dear Men!

Auschwitz, gas chambers, mass murders by shooting dead hundredthousands of Jews, Communists and others in the back of German Eastern frontlines - such things knows everyone around the globe.

But only much less know that the SS had built a network of all groups and persons who had anything to do with power in administration, economy or wherever else in society.

Not only in Germany - Himmler didn´t think as a crazy German, he thought as a crazy Teutone. So that network he built while Hitler was sitting together with his generals to make war could be implimented nearly as well as in Germany of course in Austria, in the Netherlands, in parts of Belgium, in Luxembourg, less in Norway and nearly not in Denmark (Denmark is a really wonderful country and very nice in summertime).

In 1945 SS hold all gearshifts of power in it´s hands all police-organizations, for instance, belonged to the SS, there had been an SS medical community, an SS juristic community and so on. It had only been a very good bluff to let the world, even the people in Germany think that the SS had vanished later.

You can proof that around 99% of all criminales of third Reich had good starts in FRG as well as in Eastern Germany, and that politics followed the plans of SS: In the last years of the war there had been an SS-researcher team working out an economical system for Germany after war. The most important persons in that team: Otto Ohlendorf, sentenced to death and hanged after war, and Ludwig Erhard, later member in the CDU, Minister of Economy in the FRG and at last Chancellor of the FRG.

The first Chancellor of the FRG, Konrad Adenauer, had been known as a man the Nazis didn´t like, but he was already rather senile when he got Chancellor and the man who stood next to him and told him how to do had been Hans Maria Globke, earlier NS-jurist and commentator of the race-laws of Nürnberg (Nuernberg).

In 1947 the CDU published her political program of Ahlen - known as "Ahlener Programm". That was really nice - but the CDU has never acted according to it. All was only a big bluff.

For those who think Germany would be a democratic rule of law:

If You take

Frank Fahsel

as search-key on Google You will find the Scan of a letter to the Editor of Süddeutsche Zeitung in a lot of articles. Sadly I cannot insert that image here because I haven´t posted five entries yet:

(Above You see a ) letter to the editor published in "Süddeutsche Zeitung" on 2nd of April 2008. That letter has been written by Frank Fahsel, who had been a judge at the regional court (Landgericht) of Stuttgart from 1973 until 2004 when he retired. You can find a lot of articles in German language about him if You use his name as a search key for instance on Google.

The retired Judge Frank Fahsel writes amongst others:

"Ich war von 1973 bis 2004 Richter am Landgericht Stuttgart und habe in dieser Zeit ebenso unglaubliche wie unzählige, vom System organisierte Rechtsbrüche und Rechtsbeugungen erleben müssen, gegen die nicht anzukommen war, weil sie systemkonform sind."

That means:

"I had been a judge at the Landgericht Stuttgart from 1973 until 2004 and had been forced to experience as unbelievable and countless breaches of law as well as perversions of justice, organized by the system, and there had been no chance to do anything against them, because they conformed to the system."

"Ich habe unzählige Richterinnen und Richter, Staatsanwältinnen und Staatsanwälte erleben müssen, die man schlicht "kriminell" nennen kann."

That means:

"I had been forced to experience countless judges and public prosecutors You can simply call "criminale.""

"In der Justiz gegen solche Kollegen vorzugehen, ist nicht möglich, denn das System schützt sich selbst vor einem outing - durch konsequente Manipulation."

That means:

"To proceed against such colleagues within the justice is not possible cause the system protects itself from any outing - by consequent manipulation."

"Wenn ich an meinen Beruf zurückdenke (ich bin im Ruhestand), dann überkommt mich ein tiefer Ekel vor "meinesgleichen""

That means:

"When I remember the time of my profession (I have (age-related!) retired) then a deep disgust for "those of my own kind" comes over me."


With kindest regards

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka, United Anarchists