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10-30-2009, 10:02 AM
I've known RSR for quite a few years now, going through several boards with him. He's not only been one of the largest contributors to the board via starting discussions and adding to current discussions, he's also contributed funds to the board to assist with fees more times than I can count. He's made a home with us and we're happy to have him. Some will get on his case about articles he may post or the quantity, but nobody can deny his passion for politics and on many topics.

He's also always one of the first to offer prayers, thanks, good luck or anything else to be kind to our fellow members.

I don't know him personally, so lets see what we can do to learn more about RSR...

Tell us a little background info about yourself. What do you do for a living? Where are you from, and whereabouts do you reside now?I am 50 years old and live in rural PA. I am on of those Reagan conservatives. While I grew up in a home where it was YVD (You Vote Democrat) I could never accepted the principals of liberalism. I was able to vote for the first time for Ronald Reagan in 1980, and when I got home that night, my Dad asked me who I voted for, I told him Reagan, and he looked at me, and walked away. I still think to this day I broke his political heart.

I work for the worlds largest mortgage servicer in the world and have been there for over 3 years. I am a Skill 3 rep and I handle calls from customers regarding their loans, taxes, escrow accounts, misapplication of their payments, and now with the current economy and White House policies, questions about the "Obama Plan" and loan modifications.

I also assist new reps with questions they have about policy, and help them find the answer for their customer. I also help Collections process paperwork regarding their loan modifications, and take overflow calls for the Real Estate Owned Department regarding the sale of foreclosed properties.

So I do alot, and my manager is ready to bump me Skill 4. She is glad to have me back from my disability, and I am glad to be back

You are obviously very passionate about your politics. Where did this come from? When did you start taking such an active interest?Again, it was back in the late 70's when I saw what unchecked liberalism can do to the nation. I saw Jimmy Carter and the Democrats wreck the US economy, and allow the US to held hostage by terrorists.

I remember my parents were giddy they got a mortgage for 16%. I saw gas lines around the block, and I sat in those lines. I saw US citizens held for 444 days. I saw the President wearing a sweater and telling Americans to conserve energy while they were unable to get heating oil during the winter

Then I saw Ronald Reagan who said how great America was. How her best days were ahead of her. I heard a positive and uplifting message, where he said government was the problem and not the solution.

When Reagan won he took the wrecked economy and in 8 years put the nation on the path to the largest economic growth the US ever had during peacetime. He showed that tax cuts do indeed create economic growth and allow the private sector to expand.

I have yet to hear any Democrat speak so positively about America and how great this nation is.

Why such a disdain for democrats/liberals? You don't seem to just disagree with their views, you come off most of the time as if you truly detest them.Not disdain Jim. I do not agree with their views, opinions, and policies. As I have posted, one of my closest friends is a liberal, and we fight like cats and dogs during our drive to work. Yet we are like brothers.

I do not take them personally, I only want them politically defeated and out of power.

Yes there is one liberal - and you know who he is - who I have disdain for.

As for as the rest of liberals, and the President, I see the damage they are doing to the country. The violations of the Constitution via their healthcare plan, and their pending tax increases that will further cripple the nations economy. In nine months I have seen the Dems triple the deficit, run the national debt to $13 trillion, watch the government take over private companies, want to take over the nation health care industry, ignore requests form our troops in harms way, and savage anyone who publicly oppose their policies

So yes, while I am passionate in my views, I do not personally disdain them unless they take it to a personal level like wishing death on me.

I believe you were incorrect, as well as many others, about who would get the GOP and DEM nods for president last year. What were your thoughts when it was solidified that it would be Obama/Biden Vs. McCain/Palin?Oh yea I blew that call. I never dreamed it would be Obama and McCain. There was a brief moment when Ms Palin was selected for the VP slot I thought McCain would win - but he allowed his liberal side to take over and tried to run as he said a "respectful" campaign against a Chicago street thug politician.

The left got their favorite Republican yet they savaged him every chance they got.

And I gotta ask, your first thoughts when it was finalized that Obama would be our new President?I knew the nation was not going to get a third term of Pres Bush, but the second term of Jimmy Carter, But even I did not how far left he would be and the multiple power grabs he would go for.

Obama has been having meetings and waiting on making a decision on the General's request for more troops in Afghanistan. I believe it's been about a month and a half since the request was made, but still no decision. Do you think a long thought out and calculated decision is a wise choice? Do you think troops are in more danger as a result of the delay, or the same amount of danger they would be in regardless of the decision?Since he was running for President for over a year, and had been in office for about 7 months when the request came in - I would think he would have already had a plan to fight the war.

If you get into a war the only plan is to win it.

To be honest, I do not how who is a bigger threat to our troops; the terrorists they are fighting on the battlefield or the Democrats in DC.

Already Pelosi has said she would oppose a surge, and when the French say the US to soft on terror you know we have a problem.

How would you grade Hillary Clinton's job as SOS thus far?To be honest with you Jim I have not heard much about her. I assume she is pushing the Obama plan to "talk" to our enemies and "reason" with the people who want us dead.

I do not see any real change with our enemies accept they are laughing their asses off as they see the crowd running things in DC now.

And lets not just pick on democrats, what about a report card for the republicans? While I know they're in the minority, what are your thoughts on what they've done since losing so much power? Do you think they'll make any headway in the '10 elections?Republican deserved to get their asses kicked in the 2006 elections. They became as arrogant as Dems and spent like drunken liberals. Pres Bush was a huge disappointment to me in his second term with his amnesty plan, Harriet Meyers choice, and his refusal to veto the insane spending bills passed by Republicans

Now I am waiting for true Reagan conservatives to step up to the plate and take the Dems on, and the liberal media. People are not happy with all that hope and change they are getting right now, and the door is wide open for conservatives to walk thru.

As far as 2010, you can bet the Dems will be running against Pres Bush no matter the name of the Republican on the ballot. However, I hope the candidate running against the Democrat is a conservative first and a Republican second.

If the conservatives can't win in 2010, I do not see how they ever can.

I read an article this morning and saw a quick movie clip of Obama honoring the fallen soldiers that were just returned from Afghanistan. Many bashed GW and republicans for not allowing the returning caskets to be filmed or photographed. Obama did have permission from the parents of the soldier he was filmed saluting. But he also had the press corp. with him at every step. Do you think he should have done something more private for just the families, or is it ok to honor the men with a photo op at the same time? I don't ask to bash, but I know GW was bashed quite a bit just for carving a turkey in Iraq and was blamed for using it as a photo op.Spot on Jim. I salute Pres Obama for the midnight trip to honor our fallen troops, but he should have asked for the cameras to be turned off.

I am trying to be fair here, yet I can't help think Pres Obama saw a chance to not only honor the troops but to get some great coverage from his allies in the liberal media.

Pres Bush made many trips to Walter Reed without the press, and Obama should have done the same.

Sarah Palin. In a nutshell, does she have what it takes to be leader of this country, if it went that route in 2012? Many complain that Obama had no experience before being elected. While Palin has been involved in a bunch of politics, her resume isn't the grandest either, at least not from what we have come to expect from presidential candidates. Be honest!Jim, I am always honest. I love Sarah Palin. She is a charming women and is a breath of fresh air. She now has the time to prepare for another run, and this time I hope she will be herself.

I do believe she allowed herself to be scripted by the McCain staff and she made the mistake to go along with it.

She has given several speeches on Obama and each time she brought the house down.

Now I will admit she pissed me off in the VP debate when she blamed "Wall Street greed" for contributing to the economic issues, and I want her to explain that one before I would back her for office.

I understand you have spoken to my brother Jeff quite a few times. Be honest again, did you think you were speaking with "wolfman jack" the first time you heard his voice? LOLHe does have a deep voice and now that I think about it - yea it does sound like the Wolfman.

The Yankees just won game 2 of the world series to tie it at one game apiece. Who will take it all? Hell, do you even follow baseball?Do not follow baseball. Football is my sport, and being a Redskin fan I am waiting for next year, and a change in ownership.

Who is your favorite poster on the board? Who makes you cringe when you see them post?Jim, it is a tie. Kathianne and Emmett are my favorites. Both are intelligent, and thoughtful posters. I enjoy reading their posts, and I am looking forward to reading Emmett's book.

On the other end of the spectrum is Gabosaurus. While she have taken the debate to a personal level with me, the women says nothing and is what I term a drive by poster. She tosses out the flames and insults and then leaves.

If you could change one thing about the board, what would it be?We need more liberal posters. I post on liberal boards and I have tried to get them over here. I am trying to get my liberal coworker to come back (he posted as Blue States Rules) and give us the liberal side of things.

11-15-2009, 01:16 PM
A good Interview with RSR. Sounds like the typical disgruntled Conservative however that continues to hope a Republican will sonehow "adjust" themselves into a mold fitting of their beliefs.

Thank you for the kind word of mention as I do appreciate your thoughts>

I would like to see a debate between barney Frank and RSR.........LOL