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05-17-2010, 04:20 PM
MrsKurtsPrincess won the honors of "Member of the Month" most recently. One of our staff members asked that I also do an interview with her, and that's when I realized that I really don't know MKP at all! Hopefully we'll all have an opportunity to learn more about her now without trying to pry too much. We all already know how sweet she is, so let's learn more...

Tell us a little more about yourself! You seem to be under a shroud of secrecy. We all know how bad the Internet can be, so I'll be gentle with my questions.

What do you mean by “shroud of secrecy”? Everyone knows I’m a military wife, that I live in CA, that I’m not religious, that I have kids and grandkids in AZ, that I don’t like progressive liberals, that I’m a cougar! What else is there to know?

Whereabouts did you grow up and go to school?

If I tell you, then it won’t be a secret anymore!! Just kidding! Well, let’s see, I was born in Texas and moved to CA when I was 8. Lived in the Kern County area until I was 27 and then moved to the Lemoore Naval Air Base area for seven years. Then in the early 80’s we moved to Northern CA. The weather and scenery are extraordinary. Surrounded by vineyards and redwood trees; the Pacific Ocean is less than 30 minutes away; the air is clean. Went to all the local schools in each area and the last school I attended was University of San Francisco.

What parts of the country have you lived in or been to?

Before I married my current husband I had never been anywhere other than Texas and CA (well, I did travel through New Mexico and Arizona to get here). Hubby attended a military school on the east coast in 1994 and when he graduated, we took a road trip from the east coast to the west coast. We plotted our route so we could pass through as many states as possible, even if for only a mile or two. We stayed at Air Force bases in most places. Loved the Black Hills, the Grand Tetons, Montana and Wyoming…..America is truly amazing. I also visited a few out of the way places when I was consulting/coaching ….Westbend, IA and Kingsport, TN were as different as night and day!!! I do spend a lot of time in Tucson because my daughter and grandkids live there. Also drive to Florida panhandle and through the states between here and there.
Out of country – I’ve only been to Mexico and Jamaica. Would love to go to Cook Islands, New Zealand, Australia.


Yes, since 1993, to a wonderful man who is totally committed to serving his country. He’s been a soldier for about 30 years.


Yes - I have a wonderful, beautiful daughter who has two sons and a daughter. I also have two stepsons from my first marriage and a stepson and stepdaughter from my second marriage. I also have a mini schnauzer that is like a child. Does that count?

You seem to have an awful lot of information about the military and our veterans. Can you tell us how you know so much?

Sure! My husband is active duty Army National Guard and is a CSM. His best friend for the last 30 years (who lives on our property) retired last year as a 1st SGT with just over 39 years of service. I was also an active member of our local Family Support Group in the 90’s…..so I’m surrounded by military. Husband was NCO of the year for CA and Sixth Army and then went on to compete nationally and tied for first place.

What political party are you affiliated with and how did that come to be?

I am registered Independent. I knew when I registered that I didn’t like paying taxes and having most of them going to social programs that didn’t encourage people to be more self-reliant. Didn’t want to be a Republican because I wasn’t very conservative at the time. After owning my first business at 27, I started drifting more to the right, realizing that governmental control/regulation would kill any initiative needed to keep the private sector alive. I also like the idea of being independent in all ways!

Recently students from a HS were sent home on Cinco De Mayo for wearing T-shirts and a bandana of the American Flag. What are your thoughts on what occurred?

Truthfully?! Totally pissed! A lot of people have died protecting the right to express one’s beliefs here in America. When Americans are penalized for showing their loyalty to our flag, our national symbol, then we know that drastic things are happening and drastic steps need to be taken to wake people up. What I want to know is why are we promoting another country’s independence day here anyway? Arizona recently banned ethnic studies in public schools because they believe it promotes racism and I agree. This whole “white guilt” thing has to stop. This country is overcompensating for mistakes of the past and it is creating more problems than it has solved.

Do you think Barack Obama's administration’s handling of our economy is the way to go, and is it working?

No – it is not working…..in fact, I have no idea what he has done to improve the economy. All I’ve experienced thus far is policies that are taking us further and further into debt. When an administration alienates the US Chamber of Commerce it does not have business interests as a top priority. If the administration is not interested in business, how can an economy recover? Putting people to work, in businesses – not governmental jobs, is how an economy recovers. If you look at the jobs statistics most of the job growth is in the public sector. How is that supposed to help the economy? People are out of jobs and Obama wants to give money and programs to help people who can’t make their house payments. Where does this money come from? Uh, taxes. And, if people are not working they are not paying taxes. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Many immediately put the current "tea party" protestors together with the Republicans, yet I see them also going after Republicans for choices they have made. In a nutshell, what do you think these protestors are fighting for?

Well, I will speak for myself because that is the beauty of the Tea Party right now. Everyone has their own personal agenda. There is no formal platform. However, I believe eradication of corruption in government is the primary goal of most of us – which is impossible, of course. And, along the way we hope to get the message across that we are no longer complacent and willing to let Congress get away with selling this country’s future. Most of the tea party members are worried about their children’s future and the legacy that will be left to them. We are not anti-Dem or Anti-Repub …. We are anti big government. I think our current mantra is “no more incumbents”.

Do you think illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty and given a direct path to citizenship?

No. Not amnesty for citizenship. But I would consider amnesty for not collecting fines from them before sending them home, just to get them out of here. I do believe someone will come up with a plan that says “if you can prove you have actually worked here for X number of years, and if you file tax returns for all those years, and pay the tax and penalties owed, we will let you stay. I think this plan should have a slight difference …. Same plan right up to the part where we say “you can stay”. Instead, tell them “pay the tax you owe and we will let you put your name on the list for future consideration to live and work in America”. If not, then your name will never be put on the list.

What are your thoughts on the newly enacted law in Arizona?

I support it. And, I support the ban on ethnic studies. I truly believe that most of the illegal immigrants are not here to become American citizens. They just want to come here, work and send money back home. If they truly wanted to be citizens they would follow the proper procedures and not risk being deported. My experience with illegals is that a lot of them cannot even read or write in their native languages, therefore, it is more difficult for them to pass all the tests. And the last time we gave amnesty, how many were required to become citizens? Or, were they just given the proper paperwork to work and live here? My daughter’s friend is a cop here in Tucson and says that most of the crime is drug/gang related and they are getting overwhelmed. So, if this law helps them stem the crime wave, then it is totally appropriate. States’ Rights was designed to do exactly what this Governor is doing. Taking care of their state because the Feds are either incapable or unwilling to do it. Will it lead to racial profiling? Who knows? If racial profiling helps get rid of criminals, then I’m all for it.

I was driving down the road the other day and I was slowed down by the Volvo in front of me, where the 400lb woman driving appeared to be lost. Probably no connection to her driving skills, but I noticed she had an Obama/Biden bumper sticker on her car. In my mind, I was trying to figure out a way to have her crash into a tree, but of course did nothing. Do I have anger issues?

YEAH! You probably do - and apparently so do a lot of people I know, including me! My daughter and I have talked about putting a Palin/Beck 2012 over the Obama/Biden stickers when we find them on vehicles because you know the Obama supporters would probably have a heart attack when they finally find it!

What do you like most about our community and what turns you off the most? And don't say it's perfect, because it's not and we all know it!

Well, it’s definitely an exciting place to be at times!! I like the balance the moderators and staff have here. People can say what they want, and yet the trolls are eventually weeded out. I think the creation of the Steel Cage was great. It gives people a place to “fight”; a place to get down and dirty if they want and lets the rest of the posters get on with the debate without wading through all the ugliness of the personal battles. I love debating (my hubby calls it arguing) but get turned off when the really nasty personal attacks happen.

Have you ever seen any features on other boards or websites that you would like implemented here?

Well, I like the “Thanks” button you recently added. Truthfully, I think you have a lot of features that I have no idea how to use yet …. So let me get used to what we have now!

Who would you nominate to be next to be interviewed?

Well, I think all the posters here are interesting and I would love to know more about any one of them. If pressed to name someone, I think Crin, Sitarro or Binky would be fun to get to know.

Thanks Jim for giving me the opportunity to share with everyone.