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11-07-2010, 09:19 AM
Through the lens of time perspectives change. What was once thought of as 'bad' ends up being 'good'. For a clear example from my life;

Day 7 of Basic Combat Training I thought to myself "Army. Bad idea."

After reaching 15 years of Federal Service (active duty and current) I realize joining the Army in 1992 was, perhaps, the best action I've taken towards self-improvement and a career.

Over the past 20 years, or more, our education system has been filled by 'progressive' minded folks - think 'Dr. Spock' types. As our kids grow into adults their capacity to recognize bullshit lessens. Our teachers and professors are steering the population to a liberal mindset - one where the State is the supreme leader - the deity - of the people.

As time passes, the population of country after country grows thinking it's their duty to serve the State. Recently in Canada, I asked the woman selling the case of Beer "why do I have to pay an additional fee for a bag?"

"Because that money goes to improve the environment!" she said happily.

"So - the people who collect it do so for free. After they collect the money they have a neighbor loan them a dump-truck to pour the money onto, say, a land-fill. That money will somehow make the trash therein go away?"

"No - they use the money to buy things to improve the environment. It's a good cause"

"Why don't people just improve the environment themselves? Why does the government need to force that onto the population? If it were a Good cause, and you clearly recognize it is, why aren't 'the people' simply doing it?"

"I don't know. But the tax creates jobs!"

"Why does the government have to take MY money to pay a salary for somebody else? Let that person start a 'clean the environment' business instead. They can earn their own money!"

I took my labatt's blue and left.


Funny word nowadays. When I hear 'left' I think of only bad things.

'Turn Left' = NASCAR
'Wife Left' = NOW brainwashed woman decides she 'don't need no man'
'Move Left' = People who feel it's their duty to drive in the left-most lane ALL THE TIME
'Move Left' = Our political landscape where the government steals money earned by its citizens to give to lazier citizens. Where the government becomes the GOD to the people - responsible for stealing money and dolling it out to its pet-projects; thereby increasing the wealth of the social elite (the liberal brain trust), enslaving the population through dependence on Govt (Why get a job and earn your own way, when the Govt will provide all you 'need'). There's another problem with liberals - their horniness to legislate THEIR morality upon society. "Nobody NEEDS $1,000,000 per year!" "Nobody NEEDS a SUV!" etc, ad naseam. WHY THE HELL do liberals think if they don't FORCE social programs - by stealing money from citizens, NOBODY would willingly take care of our needy? Geesh...

So - I ask you - how will history view the mind-fuck we're allowing placed on our youth. How will history view the silliness of the Liberal Agenda? Will the liberals WIN, forcing those with 'common sense' into the forests and the wilderness? Will the Liberal Gods command war against those who don't agree? (McCain/Feingold and EVERY 'hate-crime' law - small steps towards thought-policing')

Does reason, common sense, and rational thought have hope?

11-07-2010, 04:05 PM
Which is why my grandkids are not in the public school system. My daughter started homeschooling her 8 yr old this year. My daughter goes to a school (Basis of Tucson) where the subjects are not taught by certified teachers ... instead, they are professionals, experts, in the field they are teaching.

Her school is rated one of the best in the nation....and, it's a charter school. They are totally focused on STEM courses.