View Full Version : Unfounded Accusations

12-20-2010, 10:06 AM
I would like everyone to read the following thread, particularly to the post I am linking to and the one I made right after it:


Staff is publicly accused of crap like this quite often. I'm not going to sit back, deny it, and have some possibly going forward thinking we do anything malicious around here. I will go out of my way to PROVE the accuser just has no clue what they are talking about.

Nitwits want to accuse us of abusing our "privileges" as staff, but I will ALWAYS take the farthest step to prove to our community that this is just not the case.

If ANYONE who has been a member here for at least awhile (that I can trust at least a little bit) has ANY doubts, I will personally set it up so that you can be a full rights administrator for awhile as well as giving you 100% access to FTP AND CPanel. If anyone knows IT even in the slightest bit, they know that just about every little thing is stored in LOG files - this includes vBulletin logs for the board, logs for uploading/downloading/editing via FTP & logs within CPanel which logs literally every last detail.

If there is ANY hesitation or ANY belief of misconduct/abuse - take me up on my offer and PROVE to every last person here. I will allow this access to be monitored equally between myself and the person who desires to go through the stuff AND I will record the entire session - so that whatever you find will now be recorded and you can share it with the entire board.

If you do no want to do this, or if you cannot find any wrongdoing or you just don't care enough to take me up on my offer - THEN STFU AND STOP CARING ENOUGH TO MAKE/SPREAD FALSE FUCKING RUMORS!!