View Full Version : Default board style

07-23-2011, 04:30 PM
In the past, DP offered a few different "styles" that allowed members to choose the look of the forum they best liked. There was a dropdown box at the very bottom of the board and various styles to choose from. As a result of software upgrades by vB, the older styles were having a few difficulties.

I have disabled all the styles and left our "default" style only. This is the one with the military and flag at your upper left and the eagle on the upper right. The rest of the board has an overall patriotic look about it.

You "should" default to this style. There "should" be no dropdown box.

If you are seeing anything other than this, please refresh the pages and/or delete your temporary internet files. If you still see something different, you're screwed! LOL Nah, post here or shoot me a PM if you have any issues.