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09-15-2011, 12:58 PM
Westernized Buddhists always focus on the zen mind and detachment, and even explain pain away by calling it karma, some kind of debt a person owes for some thing they did in a past life.

I always wondered if they believe that on a grand consciousness scale Jesus reincarnated back as Hitler and killed the Jews for killing him?:rolleyes:

In a mix population, there may be one nation, but there are many races. So in a mix population, if one becomes good friends or enemies with the other races this signify that one’s karmic net is truly wide. Therefore, racial karma in this instance is not identical with national karma. The United States, Singapore and Malaysia are in the same position. In the case of the Jews, they may not have a country to call their own for thousands of years, yet they remain a cohesive race spread all over the world. It is only in recent years that the State of Israel is born, and now the Jews can state that they are one race, one nation. National karma always supersedes racial and individual karma. Take for instance the present financial turmoil that is pervading the South East Asian countries. It has taken its toll on all and sundry, whether rich or poor, seemingly good or bad and whichever race. Most are affected, but a few have been left unscathed. These very few must have earned enough beneficial karma to protect them from this onslaught. These people are mostly unattached and non-materialistic. In fact these Asian countries have been working towards this turmoil for the last 20 years! There has been a persistent pursuit of wealth and materialism in these countries to a feverish pitch. There is no soul and no spirituality. Love, compassion and service have all gone to the wind. The spiritual individuals can see it coming a mile away, but not the economists.

The geography or locality of a place also posses karma from the history and the spirit of the area. The bad overtones produced by the underlying spirits of deceased people as well as the earth and vegetation of the place very often affect adversely the people moving there to stay. The geographical karma is much more powerful than the individual karma. A former graveyard is a very good case in point.

Also what about incest ? If you were married to your daughter in a past life can you have the same relationship with her as the parent in this life because you believe she is your soulmate?

Parent and child: This relationship is always very strong. Mostly it is of love and attachment. The doting mother on the son or the adoring father and daughter are classic examples. They both chose to come down in this relationship after experiencing many previous relationships. These include cases of adoptions. There is no difference between an adopted child and a biological one. The sacrifice of a parent is sometimes so stupendous that one can only call it madness. It is beyond reason. It can only be compared to that of a religious bigot. So now we can envisage the tremendous karmic bonding that brings this relationship down to earth. Of course the reverse may take place. The parent or the son could just merely exploit the other until the other meets with disaster, and there are no qualms about it. Therefore, one should always look back to their previous lives to get some sort of an answer to what is going on. The doting mother and son could have been lovers in the previous life, during which she could not do enough for her lover. A father could be the previous husband of his daughter. With a strong sexual appetite he commits incest on his daughter. This is a reason why there are so many cases of incest between father and daughter. Please remember that one can always divorce the spouse but not the offspring, and that is why the karmic bond of an offspring is so much stronger than that of a marriage.

If you are both born the same gender but twin souls in love does that explain the homoesexual love?;)