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01-21-2007, 04:03 AM

Saturday, January 20, 2007
Listen To Fred
Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 10:18 AM

Is it really in our country’s best interest to signal to the enemy that they probably only have to wait us out a little longer because congressional determination to defeat them is crumbling? Doesn’t such a resolution further diminish our chances for success at the very time our soldiers are preparing to go into battle?

Those are the words of retired Senator Fred Thompson. http://www.elephantbiz.com/2007/01/running_on_radio.html (HT: Bill Hobbes.) This is so obvious that even the 11/7 Republicans should understand it, and rethink their walk-away from the war and the troops.

Do your part to support the troops by letting the GOP senators know that you will not support them if they don't support the troops.
Please take a moment to call or write the three GOP senators identified with the half sell-out of the war and the troops: Senator Warner, Senator Collins of Maine, and Senator Smith of Oregon. There is also concern that Senator Brownback will vote for one of the resolutions that John McCain has accurately labeled "defeatist." Please contact Senator Brownback as well.

I tried to bring these email Addys over from the site, but couldn't....Please go there for the info...

Senator Warner's e-mail is here. His phone number is 202- 224-2023.

Senator Collins' e-mail is here. Her phone number is 202-224-2523.

Senator Smith's e-mail is here. His phone number is 202-224 3753.

Senator Brownback's e-mail is here. His phone number is 202-224-6521.

Please call and e-mail these senators and urge them to rethink their support for a resolution which will be cheered by the enemy.

Here is Commander Smashes open letter to an opponent of the war who forwarded to Smash a "cut off the funding" petition, a letter that should be read aloud to the senators in the retreatist caucus:

I’m dismayed and a little bit hurt that you forwarded this petition to me. You know that I served in this war, and my brother as well. You know that I lost my college roommate, and my brother lost one of his best friends. You know that despite bearing these burdens, I remain passionately committed to the success of our military in Iraq and around the globe.

Although I am not currently serving overseas, you also know that I continue to make difficult personal sacrifices in order to serve our country. While most Americans are enjoying their three-day weekend, I will be here, far away from my wife and family, doing what I can to support the effort. The enemy won’t take the weekend off, so neither can I.

Fortunately, I won’t be alone. There are hundreds of thousands of brave and bold Americans serving around the world who don’t know the meaning of the word “quit.” Perhaps you should consider showing us some support, instead of blindly forwarding an email to your contacts list urging people to lobby Congress to cut our funding!

Let your conscience decide.Hopefully the Democrats will have more than one senator who will understand the stakes and put aside the politics to support the troops.

And voting for a defeatist resolution is most certainly to vote against the troops, just as it is to vote against victory.

The active duty military who called the program today disgusted with the Republicans who are undermining their efforts and their sacrifices are just the tip of a vast iceberg of revulsion that will roll out against any senator who ran on national security in 2002 and seeks re-election in 2008 on a retreatist/compromise platform. The country is dividing into an isolationist/pacifist Democrat Party and a serious-about-national-security Republican Party, and those who straddle the divide on the GOP side are badly misjudging their party's widespread and deeply felt positions. Senator Lieberman understood that there was still a national security vote in the Democratic Party, and combined its remnants with GOP support to turn back Lamont, but Republican retreatists will not find an anti-war isolationist remnant in their party.



I also emailed Chuck Hagel and Olympia Snow last night...(I told them I thought they were traitors against our military and our Country...,.I told Chuckie, I would Never Vote For Him in a Presidential race.........Period....