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12-15-2011, 08:57 AM
Apparently they have several brands of Christmas beer/ale...wonder if they are good. Has anyone tried any of these?

Sometimes it seems as if the Christmas spirit of generosity and goodwill toward fellow man can sometimes be replaced by crass commercialism and greed --even when it comes to holiday beers.
Sure, some these brews (http://www.debatepolicy.com/#) (http://www.debatepolicy.com/#) are just a way to capitalize on the season of spending. But some of them are proof that the true meaning of the season hasn't been lost – that there still are brave and generous men and women giving back to their fellow man; brave and generous men and women who know how to make amazing beer.

Holiday beers start hitting shelves around mid-November, after the pumpkin ales are cleared off shelves – making these heavier and richer brews are exactly what's called for to recapture the Christmas spirit.
These beers evoke the holidays in a variety of ways – from flavor profiles featuring chocolate, cinnamon and even winter [COLOR=blue !important]fruits (http://www.debatepolicy.com/#) (http://www.debatepolicy.com/#) to cozy styles like porters, doppelbocks and stouts that are tailor made to curling (http://www.foxnews.com/topics/vancouver-winter-olympics-2010/curling-olympics.htm#r_src=ramp) up in front of a roaring fire with someone special by the light of the Christmas tree.
In fact, they're something of a long-standing holiday tradition. Scandinavian countries once upon a time would brew stronger and heavier beers to prepare for a December festival celebrating the Norse god Jolner, with the beers becoming known as Julöl. When England bought into the tradition, they named the brews Yule Ale.

After all these years there have been significant changes, of course. The beers have significantly more varied, with a wider range of styles represented in the holiday beer spectrum. Different fruits and spices ended up in the mix too – ginger and cranberries and other ingredients neither man nor beast would've imagined in a brewer's repertoire just a decade or two ago.
But as they say, variety is the spice of life, and few can argue with the pleasures of kicking back with a bottle or two of delicious (http://www.debatepolicy.com/#) and unique suds emblazoned with a smiling Santa on the label. It's experiences like those that give us all hope that one day there truly will be peace on earth.

So keep an eye out for a few of these bottles to help inspire just a little more goodwill toward man this holiday season.

Great Lakes Christmas Ale
Corsendonk Christmas Ale
Anchor Christmas Ale
21st Century Brewing Fireside Chat
Shiner Holiday Cheer

If interested descriptions at link

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