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02-13-2012, 08:55 PM
I figured the best way to handle the feuding was to keep the participants occupied. I hatched a plan and set the bait, and just like that I caught one! Anyway, Conhog has technically granted an interview before, but was questioned by OCA. Conhog needs no introduction, but I'll try anyway... He hails from the great state of Arkansas, where they have a different meaning for "brotherly love" than Philly. He has 17 degrees, is a Constitutional scholar, a Doctor, a lawyer and a Psychologist. He's rumored to be married to 3 beautiful Mexicans that he smuggled through underground tunnels, after he single handedly killed 74 members of the local drug cartel. I'd tell you more, but it's classified, and he'd have to kill us if he told us.

Ok, I kid, I kid. All in good fun, just poking at Con a little. I'll bet none of you bastards volunteers the next time I ask! LOL

And I'm also going to spice a few things up. I can't help myself. It's always been an intro, followed by the questions that were answered, and that was it. This time I think I'm going to add a few follow up comments. Why? Because I'm a dirty bastard that can have the last say this way and have a moment at Con's expense!! So the questions are in bold, followed by his answers, and if appropriate I will add another comment beneath.

I'll start with a softball. The entire world can see things brewing between Israel and Iran. Israel now claims Iran is targeting their diplomats. Iran is perhaps gearing up to try and close the Strait. What do you think will happen? What do you think should happen?

I think that Iran realizes we would destroy their Navy if they attempted to close the Strait and it became a shooting contest. No, I think what has happened is that Iran has read their history and realizes that the US has a history of being bluffed and bullied by little pissants as long as certain lines aren't crossed.

In the end I think that we WILL call their bluff and this will have all been for naught.

Now, you ask what I think SHOULD happen? I think we should force the issue and remind them and the world why were called a super power. I don't know about anyone else but I'm sick of the US being expected to fix every world problem, then being griped at when we don't do things "right", all the while being cursed about by the very people we are trying to help

Gotta ask, why are you a magnet for bad blood? No particulars, but there's a small list of people that obviously have no love for you. What do you attribute this to?

LOL, That does seem to be the case, doesn't it. Well, I'm arrogant, I know this, but not SO arrogant that I can't admit it. I mean I'm well educated, opinionated, and self confident in many ways and that rubs some people the wrong way.

But in a lot of ways to, I'm not that smart, I tend to trust people online (or rather used to) and then get upset when they didn't earn that trust and then I'd react in a way that well we'll just say isn't what was in my own best interest. Of course giving more fuel to those who dislike me.

I am working on improving the latter, but for the former I think my self confidence (some would call it arrogance) has been earned.

- Sometimes it's as simple as how you interact with others. A little bit of modesty goes a long way too. Just my opinion. Which I'm told sometimes is worthless. Fuck it, I'm sticking with my assessment. Oh, and if you were a Steelers fan, you'd probably be liked a little more! :coffee:

When I think of Arkansas, I think of farms. Forgive my ignorance as I don't know jack shit about the state. But did you grow up on a farm? Were you beat up a lot?

First, Arkansas , at least my part of Arkansas is primarily farms. But there are several urban areas in the state. Even some areas a person simply wouldn't want to travel into.

But, I was actually born in San Gabriel , CA. Lived in Diamond Barr CA until I was 12. Made summer trips to Arkansas to visit my mother's parents. I honestly have ZERO memories of my dad other than those vacations from that time frame. He was always working and with travel time he would be gone before I got up in the AM and I'd be in bed before he got home in the PM. The best decision he ever made for us as a family was to finally just move us to Arkansas.

Yes, I actually was beaten up quite a bit in school. Not having my father around much I didn't really learn to fight, and then being the California weirdo moving into 1982 bumfuck , Arkansas led to me being picked on a lot. It didn't help that as we went through junior high school I was 6' tall 155 lbs wore glasses and braces LOL. Even as I played every sport our school had to offer there was always that element who picked on me on almost a daily basis.

One of the best things that ever happened to me though, and here's why. It shaped my decision to join the Arkansas National Guard. Which I did join, during my junior year of high school. I actually did what is called split training. I went to boot camp at Ft Dix, NJ the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, then finished high school, then did my advanced training the following summer. One thing I was certain of was that my days of being bullied were over.

During boot camp, I gained 40 lbs of muscle and learned to fight. No, I didn't learn to fight, I learned how to hurt someone in a fight. First day of school my senior year two things happened 1. I learned that girls REALLY like cut guys 2. I beat the shit out of three of my biggest tormentors. I haven't tolerated bullies since.

Which sort of relates back to your question about why so much bad blood. Because of my early life experiences of being bullied, I can't abide a bully, and so I go after bullies wherever I see them, and the bullies obviously they don't like that.

That's probably more than anyone wanted to know :laugh2:

- Yep, too much info. I just wanted to know if you were beat up a lot or not. I bet Abbey $5 that you were. Pay up, Abbey!! just kidding, there was no bet. Psyche!

I admit I'm a bastard and dirtbag at times. What do you admit about yourself?

I admit that I am a politically incorrect asshole. I say what I want when I want how I want. Sometimes I wish I had more tact LOL

- Remember this moment, everyone, Con just admitted he was an asshole! :lol:

Who do you think will wind up with the GOP nomination? Why?

I think it will be Romney because I think the people will realize that the best way to get rid of Obama is NOT nominating someone who is the complete polar opposite of Obama, but rather to nominate someone who is somewhat more moderate. I really think people are just tired of the extremes in EITHER direction. I know I am.

If you could have your pick out of all of our politicians, all of congress, all of our governors, all political activists... Who would you want to run for President of the USA?

Is this a question of who would I like to see in an election, or who I would like to see AS POTUS because those questions will get two different answers.

If you ask me which politician I would like to see run, I would have to say Romney, because he comes closest to my beliefs with a chance of winning as any politician out there.

If however, I could just appoint the POTUS I would say Mike Huckabee. Good solid Christian with a proven track record of leadership. Of course being a solid Christian disqualifies him from actually having a chance of WINNING an election, and so that is why I didn't name him in the first part of the question.

What if you could be President, but only long enough to issue one "executive order", what would it be?

Voter exams

- Holy crap, in one signing of your pen you have disbanded and eliminated liberals. I think you'll end up in front of the SCOTUS.

If you could snap your fingers and make just 2 politicians disappear, who would they be? (Obama excluded)

I assume you mean disappear from political life, not disappear from the world, because I think we need to kick Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer out of politics but keep them around as shining examples of why I have instituted voter exams.

- Excellent choices! But you had an opportunity to finally get rid of Hillary and you blew it.

Have you ever seen a grown man naked?

Of course, I'm retired career military. I'm not scared of seeing another man's ass. I've even seen my gay buddy naked on more than one occasion, as he's seen me. Awkward the first time or two, but after awhile who cares, he's still the guy who earned my respect.

Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

No, I have not. I've only spent one night in any jail of any kind, and that was in Taney County Missouri when a bunch of us got arrested for being drunk and throwing stolen watermelons onto the freeway from a bypass that was being constructed.

- Wow. Just wow. Didn't you ever see the movie "Airplane"?

What about the Israel/Palestinian issue. If you were the final arbiter, how would you try to end this conflict?

I'd tell both sides to grow up , then I'd inform Palestine that there is no country of Palestine and that there never will be and that certainly Israel isn't going to return their homes or whatever to them. Then I would tell Israel to shut the fuck up and tear down the wall and all the stupid border checks which make those people's lives a living hell and to incorporate the settlements into their country and to remember what we did to Sadaam when he mistreated his own people.

Then I'd wash my hands and walk away. Let them figure it out.

- I'm betting both are wiping their foreheads right now saying "whew, glad we don't have that fucker mediating"

What is your favorite TV show of all time? And favorite currently being broadcast?

Favorite show of all time? Why there can be only one, may it be the Highlander........

Favorite current show. Person of Interest.

- I'm watching it from the beginning as I just started (POI). I'm up to episode 4 now. Seems like an awesome series so far.

Do you agree with Obama's decision to give 800 million dollars towards the "Arab Spring"? And 1.3 billion to Egypt, which is in disarray and may end up being run by the Muslim Brotherhood?

I disagree with ALL foreign aid, regardless of the cause. We're broke , it's dumb to borrow money to give away.

If there was any one thing you could change about DP, what would it be?

Well, I'm gonna be a bit arrogant here. :laugh2: and say that since banning that asshole Jim isn't an option. I'd make me a moderator. Not because I think I'd bring anything in the way of moderation to the table that isn't already there, au contraire I think that the moderator staff here does a damn fine job; and needs no improvement in that area. But my being a mod would no doubt increase traffic. Sure many of them would be of the sort who have bad blood and those could just be fed to Gunny , but many could be turned into productive posters. And that is where I feel DP needs the most change. We need more traffic.

yes, that was a shameless plug :laugh2:, guess I have to add no shame to my admitted faults.

- Have you ever seen the movie "Bruce Almighty" with Jim Carrey? The scene with the monkey coming out of the guys ass? Better chances? I forget how the saying goes! :laugh2: