View Full Version : Enough already with the fights

06-17-2012, 02:17 PM
Please, everyone take a deep breath. Good, now lets get back to debating and current events discussions. Between the fighting in every thread, reported posts, reports via PM and all the other crap, I have little time to enjoy the board. And before any of you knuckleheads says that I do it sometimes too, I know that, but I also know when enough is enough.

A little fun, sarcasm, wit and such can be humorous in the threads. But the personal stuff is infecting every other thread. And no, I'm not pointing at anyone in particular.

We've got some new members as of late and this is an opportunity to get new POV's and better debates going. But that can't happen if the place is one big 'ol ball of drama.

Seems some people don't like one another. That's fine. Then place those people on your ignore list and move forward. If you're not willing to place a member on your ignore list, then that member must not bother you much.

I've yet to barely moderate any of this stuff, as I know I'm just as capable of doing these things and being involved. But trying to be friendly to everyone, and appease everyone, and try and make everyone happy is getting harder and harder. I need some help from the community as well if I am going to make things work without moderation.

06-29-2012, 11:07 AM
A friendly reminder, please! Just be conscious that some have complained, and would prefer the personal bickering go to the cage. I'm doing my part as well, as I know I can be an ass at times. But there's a time where it becomes too much, where ignoring is a better option, or even using the boards built in software to ignore someone. And it's not like we're stopping someone from speaking up, just that if it's flaming personal crap, bring it to the cage so others don't have to see it all over the board.

07-11-2012, 06:10 PM
One 'final' plea!

Things have improved but there is still some animosity and jabs being delivered, both directly and indirectly. Outright crap goes to the cage, please. And if one has no alternative but to be pushy or sarcastic, please try and be somewhat reasonable and on topic.

There is absolutely no reason to scare away new membership, regardless of their stances and how they might debate. There is absolutely no reason to push away well established members, regardless of your differences with them.

It's a learning experience for everyone, but the board will never grow without a way to post with those you differ with, whether small differences or extreme. If you can post with them, great! If not, we all have the option of the ignore button, and that's a great option too.