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06-23-2012, 09:27 AM
According to the stats, Logroller joined us in November of 2010. He's been a voice of reason ever since. When I see his name in a thread that he has posted, I know I'm about to read a reasonable argument, written in an extremely intelligent manner. And if it's debating something I wrote myself, I know I have my work cut out for me! That's why I'm not rushing quickly to call the race for Obama or Romney, as I know Log and FJ are moving on up in the polls and impressing more and more! Seriously though, outside of a few witty comments here and there, I don't think I've ever seen this gentleman fight/flame with anyone. He's a model member to go along with his intelligence.

Now let's get to know a little more... (anything in red is what I wrote after Log answered his questions!)

"Logroller". Forgive me if its been answered already, but how did you come up with the name?

"Logrolling" is an figurative term for collaboration between two decision makers, where one person gives support for another's policy which directly benefits only the other in return for the same in return. (Don't I feel like I dumbass now!)

And tell us a little more about The Log: Where ya call home? Married? Kids?

Born and raised in Bakersfield,CA, married for almost 11 years to my saving grace of a wife who's given me three wonderful children, two daughters (12&10) and a son (3).

What about education... You come off as a smart dude, is it inherited in the genes or is there some formal schooling behind it?

All of the above I'd guess. Both my parents have master's degrees; my mom was actually the first in her family to graduate from high school, let alone a college. I've always been surrounded by books and my parents always made me search for the answers to my questions rather than just telling me, so that certainly shaped my quest for knowledge-- even before Wikipedia, I read encyclopedias. I'm currently working on my senior thesis, then I'll be conveyed a degree from the state university here in environmental resource management. That's actually my third major, I previously achieved junior status in materials engineering and a brief stint as a botany major. I've enjoyed university instruction, but I would attribute most of what I know to my own pursuit of information...and google.

What sort of drives you when not on here, as in hobbies, what do you like? Cars? Hiking? Porn? Cooking?

I'm pretty scattered. I like working with my hands, building things. I built a BBQ for my parents last year. That was fun. My last house was a real fixer-upper, so I have experience on practically every trade. Now I have a new house that, seeing as how I don't need to replump, rewire, replace the foundation etc., presents much greater possibilities; but unfortunately, bigger payment means less expendable income. muscular is life. I have had the opportunity to be a stay at home dad with my son, which is the most rewarding thing I've ever done. I cook and clean too. I do love cooking, baking and, of course, grilling.

What cool places have you vacationed to? What would be your choice of destination if you could go anywhere in the world?

I've been up and down the west coast states, Nevada and AZ. Not very extensive in range, but I have seen and experienced a lot here in Cali. My grandparents vacationed every summer in the Eastern Sierra Nevada and I have backpacked (self-sustained) extensively in the John Muir Wilderness, even walked on a glacier. Due to altitude sickness, I failed to summit Mt Whitney though...maybe one day. I'm getting back into it now that my kids are of the age to learn how to camp. My hope is to go backpacking with them, after they learn how to use an e-tool as a toilet seat. In 2009 I took them camping at the Grand Canyon during monsoon season. That was a fun, but there's nothing like exploring things off the grid. My dream is to sail, but that's not a destination...I suppose any private cove in a tropical paradise would suffice.

You have me baffled. How would you affiliate yourself politically? And how did you get the passion to debate?

Fiscally conservative, socially liberal. I have a passion for helping others to better themselves; sound argument is an effective way of communicating ideas.

Are you happy with the current economy? How would you grade Obama's efforts since 2008?

The economy could be worse, but it certainly could be better as well. Obama's efforts have been fruitless. He put all his political capital into healthcare reform and it's gonna flop. I mean, his efforts were all well and good, American healthcare needs reform, but Obama went about it the wrong way. Politically, it's his greatest achievement and at the same time his biggest mistake. Too bad really, he could have really made some headway on a lot of issues, immigration and job creation and then went after healthcare in his second term, but in haste he pushed for too drastic a change. I'll be glad when I don't have to think about his mistakes any longer.

If elected, do you think Romney could do a better job with the economy?

I sure hope so. I think he offers a good blend of conservative fiscal understanding and a history of successful bipartisan collaboration. Perhaps under his guidance Congress can make some of the hard budget decisions which have plagued us over the last decade. That uncertainty is damning to economic growth. I see it all the time, where in anticipation of some move, trading stalls, then the Fed deal goes through, some odd billion dollars and all of sudden stocks are up. A quarter or two later, same thing. We need a leader who will tell the markets, "no help from me, help yourself". No bailouts, no breaks, just work hard, spend less and invest well.

And since we're on the subject of the economy... Obama has spent approximately $5 trillion dollars since his election. About the same as the past 30-35 years prior. Good or bad?

5 trillion dollars. Bad. That's a thousand thousand thousand thousands, right?. I always sucked at monopoly, maybe I should have played with Obama being the banker. :lol: Seriously though, You could put that money in my bank account and it would be a bad thing.

Obama vowed to have a transparent administration, and to have things done publicly. Do you feel he has lived up to this campaign statement?

Absolutely. :rolleyes:

And of "Fast and Furious", does that echo his statement of transparency? What do you think WILL happen as a result of this? And what do you think SHOULD happen?

Unkept promises from politicians are expected. Sometimes I think they just can't things done, and attempt to push them through other ways. I don't even have a problem with that to be honest. The blatant lies are what I have a problem with.
What do I think will happen?...swept under the rug. Once Obama's out, it won't matter anymore. What should happen is the Feds should sell me an assault rifle.

Healthcare - does the individual mandate fall? Does more fall or does the rest stand?

Its simply not manageable without the mandate. I think it could have stood had Obama's admin not pissed off the Justices. I think there's a strong desire within SCOTUS to steer clear of political progress-- but with Obama making a statement deriding the Constitutional authority of court to review laws, he's not done himself any favors. I'd say it all falls.

I think illegal immigration will of course be a topic at various points through the campaign. What is your stance on this hot topic, and if you were President, how would you handle it going forward? Do you agree with amnesty?

Amnesty is a necessary evil. It serves as an incentive to become a legitimate resident. But it doesn't work by itself; that'd be like giving someone with a broken leg crutches, but no cast. We need to have disincentives to hire illegals, if you take their jobs away, they won't come here. I think AZ is on the right track with the use of a verification system and serious penalties for employers who break the law.

Besides verbally beating people up on political forums, what other sites can you be found at on the internet?

Linkedin...barely, I don't think I even remember my password. I do belong to a quiet professional forum site, but never post there; it's just for the insight into those who, "ask no quarter, and give none either"

If there was any one thing you could change about the board, what would it be?

It would be cool to have a mobile app interface. I use my phone mostly and sometimes it's hard to navigate. Things like linking videos, images and links are hard to do because the popup always goes off screen and I have to zoom out each time the script cycles. That and the no nudity rule. Just kidding. It's all good here and I'm glad I found it. As this is the first forum I ever belonged to, out of curiosity I have looked elsewhere, but nothing else compares IMO. (For starters, try the very bottom left of the board. There is a small drop down box that is set to "Debate Policy". Try switching to "Default Mobile Style" and see if it's any better. It's a totally different look, be forewarned, but it 'might' be helpful when mobile. Look for an announcement thread in a very short while about other options...)