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Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
07-06-2012, 06:27 PM
This is hot!!! Fry an egg on any rock kind of hot! -Tyr

SLIDE SHOW PRINT | TEXT SIZE Share on email | EMAIL | SINGLE PAGE The 10 Hottest Places on Earth
Americans should stop whining about the heat wave -- they could be living in one of these 10 punishing locations.

A record-breaking heat wave sent U.S. temperatures skyrocketing this week, and with most days hovering around the triple digits on the East Coast and beyond, Americans have not been shy in expressing their dissatisfaction. The brutal weather, along with a spate of wildfires and storms, has rekindled the debate on climate change and prompted all manner of warnings about heat exhaustion and stroke.

Of course, it could be much worse. Although there's no set maximum temperature that humans can withstand (humidity level is the determining factor), heat indexes spiking 125 degrees Fahrenheit in Africa and Asia test the limits of what's livable -- and that's not even the worst of the worst. Here, we take a tour of the 10 places where the world's hottest temperatures have been recorded. So stop your whining; this week's heat is bad, but it's no Lut Desert.

1. Lut Desert, Iran -- 159 degrees F

In 2005, history's hottest surface temperature was recorded in a dry salt lake in eastern Iran's Lut Desert. The Lut Desert is too hot even for milk to spoil because bacteria can't grow in temperatures that high -- after researchers left sterilized milk uncovered and found it unspoiled, the Lut Desert was declared an abiotic zone. Described by Google Sightseeing as the "most deserty" of the world's deserts, Lut is completely surrounded by mountains and is also home to the world's tallest sand pyramid.

Above, sand pyramids are seen in Iran's Lut Desert

07-06-2012, 06:47 PM
I just know. If the temps inside of my home reach 100 or more due to the A/C breaking down, or the power goes off.
I have fifteen minutes to get out and find a place where I can survive or. It's OVER for me. The meds I take, and must take to stay alive, cannot be tolerated in extreme heat.

Laying in a bathtub full of water is the first, and safest for me.

Thank your lucky stars to all of you out there. You're not me.

07-06-2012, 07:07 PM
No need to worry about any wars on the horizon then, just let the bastards melt :coffee: