View Full Version : Just a friendly reminder

08-21-2012, 10:15 AM
From our board rules:

Copyright Infringement - When posting something as fact, it's always best to supply a link to your source if possible. While we encourage the use of linking to sources, please refrain from posting articles in their entirety. The first paragraph or 2 would be fine with a link to the rest of the article. This is acceptable under the fair use doctrine but copying of entire articles will likely result in copyright infringement, and your post may be removed and/or edited to protect the community.

This is just an overall reminder to everyone, as I see it getting out of hand by many of us, myself included at times. Just to be on the safe side, we try to minimize what we copy from other sites. I know sometimes we want to ensure the reader gets the whole idea, or reads the article. In cases like that, instead of coping the first 9 paragraphs, maybe copy the first 2, and then maybe the 7th which covers a major point you want to get across. But truth be told, if someone is too lazy to click on your link and read further on another site, which would take a fraction of a second longer than reading it if it were posted here, they likely aren't going to read it in its entirety posted here either.

I know I sometimes come across an article that might only be 7 paragraphs long, and each one fairly small, so I just post the entire thing. It's not a major sin, but it can still get us/me into hot water if someone wanted to push the issue. So every now and again I just pop out a friendly reminder like this. :)