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10-07-2012, 10:43 AM
This is the host I have just left. They had my support and loyalty for 9 years. I had recommended MANY customers to them. But now, they basically suck. And with the way they have treated me as of late, I want to ensure that others searching for a webhost, that do a search for reviews, will find this. Of course it's on major sites as well, but this one is more or less guaranteed to not disappear or be filled with their lame excuses. This is my review:

I have been a loyal customer at Jag for 9 years now and have spent $3,430.80 on their services. There were a LOT of hiccups and problems and eventual server moves over the years, but I remained loyal. The tech support used to respond ASAP, even if the time spent resolving the issue was much longer. The owner, Greg Landis, used to be very responsive, here and at their forums, and via email. None of this is the case anymore.

In the past year, no matter what you open a ticket for, they sit in a queue for hours and hours before someone even looks at the ticket and assigns it. Ask for an update? Not only will it go ignored, but then they will blame you as YOU caused it to go "further down the queue" - even though it is still assigned to the same individual. And then when they do respond, VERY rarely do they answer questions or inquiries. It's always the same canned crap "your site is loading fine on our end, please let us know if you have any further questions". Then of course you ask further questions, and the ticket will now sit for 6-10 more hours - only to have their Chief Technical Officer - Masood - tell you that your questions are low priority since the "issue was resolved".

I've worked in a tech support role in a corporate environment for 21 years now. Communication is absolutely critical. Keep a customer/client informed, and even a further delay would be somewhat understood. Ignore them, and of course they will eventually get aggravated and frustrated.

Then 2 days after you go through a horror story with downtime and lack of communication, the server craps out again. And guess what? Open a ticket and watch it sit forever, and then don't dare ask a question! If you contact live support, they reply with the same thing, over and over, over and over. If they don't know the answer, simply say so and let's move on. But don't ignore me when I ask the same question multiple times, that's rude and disrespectful, IMO.

Weekends should be part of 24x7 support, no? Just realize, that is admins that don't answer tickets, and live chat. I asked live chat where is tech support 3 times, only to be told each and every time that admins were available. Of course they don't answer tickets, and the live chat fellows are completely oblivious to the support business and Jag's operations.

The ONLY way as of recently that you can even get someone to look at a ticket is by badgering live chat, or opening a thread on their forums and likely "embarrassing" them into helping you. And honestly, they should be embarrassed. Nine years of loyalty and more than a few thousand dollars - and I had to look elsewhere and pay for someone else to help me with support. And they are aware that I paid someone to do their job. You would think they would at least offer some sort of credit - but instead I get a quick token apology and a litany of excuses.

Tech support is slower than free hosting companies now - and I'm solely talking about the queue and simply opening your ticket and assigning it. Defend them if someone cares to, but a quick visit to their forums would show that it's FAR from just me complaining. I also had quite a few members PM me with similar stories, and 2 that even gave me some decent support on a few issues. Imagine that, free support from fellow members or past members, while the people I am paying ignore my tickets for hours and hours.

It's sad that their support is a shell of it's former self, and the owner appears to be MIA. I loved my time there most of the time, but I'm not going to remain there, pay for services, to receive rude and ignorant responses, not to mention excuses and ignored.

I paid $29.99 a month for many years. Now I'm at $19.99 a month with them, on an SDX server. Only one site. I have another shared server with another company, with one main account and 5 domains hosted underneath it. Not only do I get better server performance - but in 2 years hosting there I have yet to have a ticket that has taken longer than 20 minutes to get a response. I have a thread on Jag from a few months back, where of course they made excuses, but claimed they were in the midst of training a bunch of new staff and expect their response times to once again come back down to 15-20 minutes. That's laughable. If I had a ticket answered in less than 2 hours now, better yet, LOOKED AT in 2 hours now, I would be shocked.

Sure, some will come back and claim I'm a complainer, and that there are thousands of happy customers for every one of me. That may very well be true. Maybe a lot of them are on servers that function better and don't need support. But I'm not a one chance guy and run to complain. I repeat, I have been there for NINE YEARS. I takes a LOT for me to come here and complain, considering I have given them glowing reviews in the past.

10-07-2012, 10:51 AM
Proof of my payments to backup my statement about the money




red states rule
10-07-2012, 10:56 AM
If anyone calls you a compaliner they are an idiot Jim.

All you are asking for is the service you have PAID for. Sort of like demanding someone you pay to do a job actually does the job