View Full Version : Sony Experia TL

11-09-2012, 01:30 PM
Finally upgraded to a smart phone! This is my first ever touch screen smart phone. You would think someone who lives a life of technology would have been the first, but not me. Anyway, I'm loving this new phone, but it's a huge learning curve.

Texting sucks for me thus far, as using a touch screen to type is VERY odd. I tested like 19 different "speech to text" applications before I realized that with my Android device can do it without an app, by just hitting the microphone on the keyboard. Of course then you have to speak like a robot for it to type perfectly, but I'll get used to that.

It has a 13 megapixel camera which takes a sweet picture and has a billion native applications. Of course access to Google Play is just as easy and there are a ton of apps to be had for it.

I bought a screen protector with it, but can't find a case yet, as the phone literally just came out. I found one case and it sucks! I wanted one of those "otter" cases but they don't make them for this phone.

I get 10gig of data transfer per month which should be MORE than enough for me, and especially considering I could just switch to WiFi when downstairs in the house or in an area where it's available.