View Full Version : This smart group ought to watch this CSPAN presentation

Robert A Whit
03-31-2013, 03:56 PM
The devotee of CSPAN perhaps watched this professor's presentation. I have not noticed any comments so trying to assist our education, I present this video.

This professor studied questions about civilization. It has many lessons of history and circumstances on various issues.

It fascinated me. I believe we can be more productive in taking on topics if we factor this in.

Here are somethings that occurred to me.

1. Immigration. Where will immigrants go, to farms or cities?
2. Climate change. If this nation hates climate change, and since increasing the population, according to Democrats theory, why do democrats persist in making the problem worse by raising the population of the USA realizing more population means more carbon dioxide in this country?
3. WMD. You had a greater chance of being killed vis a vis violence in the days of Alexander the Great than you have today. With WMD, though seen as a threat, it is not used but for some such as Saddam and he died due to a broken neck. North Korea makes threats but are they crazy enough to cause their own destruction?

Watch it and you may come up with your own questions.