View Full Version : Error Message about Firefox Plugins

05-26-2013, 11:45 AM
I am using the latest version of FF, which is 21.0. I have went through each and every plugin and extension and removed anything unnecessary. Also ensured that everything is up to date. As part of my testing, I had also disabled every single extension as a test.

Here is the issue. When I open certain threads (or other sites), I get an error at the top of my screen that an addition plugin is needed to display media. Here is the error:


Of course I then click on the option to find the plugin, and I get a message returned 'that no suitable plugin' could be found. It's not a huge problem, as everything works and I can't find a single thing that doesn't load when this happens.

Searching Google, MS or FF support is useless, as there are 99 million topics on this subject, and each one is caused by a different reason and each one fixed differently. But if anyone else is using the latest FF, and Windows 7 home premium, here is one of the pages that displays the error for me: