View Full Version : June 29th release and already 1 million preorders

06-04-2007, 10:50 PM
The iphone is a new concept in multi use hand held devices, it doesn't just do everything that everybody else combined is trying to do...... it does them all much better and with infinite more style. With 1 million preorders it is already meeting Jobs goal of capturing 1% of the cellphone market. The only problem for Apple is that ipod sales could be hurt.

Take a look at this ad, hopefully you can see the difference between great design and the mediocrity that Bill Gates and his pathetic team of plagiarist (that don't even have enough talent to copy well) have put on this country.


I'm kidding, no I'm not, I'm stuck using Microsoft crap at work and it sucks! Now, go ahead and make pithy comments about Palm Pilot being the same thing and how Apple sucks........sure. Their stock is at $121.33, up $2.93 before the phone comes out. Apple TV is partnering with You Tube and the projected price if not split is $165!!!!!!! I got in when it was $13.50.....thankyou!:salute:

Oh and yes, I think Steve Jobs politics suck and it embarrasses me that Algore was put on the board but the bottom line is I will not let that keep me from using the finest equipment I can find.

06-05-2007, 01:10 AM
Hey Sitarro,
What makes you think anyone gives a shit about a stupid little phone by a silly little American company? Microsoft has the largest share in the computer industry for a reason. Why do you think anyone wants to pay what they perceive as higher prices for a machine that although superior in every way is still just a bit player in the computer industry. I can buy 3 of the cheapest Dells for less than one MAC, I don't need that superior Operating system, I would rather pay less and just bitch about how I need to fill up my cheaper machine with firewalls and antivirus protection and am still afraid to open email. IT'S CHEAPER TO GO WITH WINDOWS MACHINES, at least it seems that way at first glance. Not everyone uses their machines to make their living you pompous ass! I will wait for Microsofts cheaper copy of the iphone and it will be better because it will be cheaper......so there! Asshole!:laugh2: