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Robert A Whit
08-01-2013, 04:18 PM
It is the rugged outdoors so I think this is the place to put this topic.

Check out the deepest canyon. Though the deepest canyon is in Peru, when watching TV the other day, they mentioned a deep valley in the Himalaya mountains where both sides of the valley rose to over 26,000 feet. Imagine looking down into that. Some may want to explore the link below.


World’s deepest canyons

Cotahuasi Canyon of Peru - the world's deepest

Most people would probably bet that the "Grand Canyon" of Arizona is the deepest valley in the world. It is extremely well known and of enormous proportion. It is about 1737 meters deep - a little over one mile. Although the Grand Canyon is a very deep canyon, it is not Earth's deepest. That distinction belongs to Cotahuasi Canyon in southewestern Peru. Cotahuasi Canyon was cut by the Rio Cotahuasi, a tribuatary of the Rio Ocona, to a depth of approximately 3354 meters - over twice the depth of the Grand Canyon! (11,000 feet deep apx)

Hells Canyon: Deepest Canyon in the United States

Hells Canyon is the deepest river-cut canyon in the United States. The highest point on the edge of the canyon is 7993 feet (2436 meters) above the canyon floor below. It is ten miles wide and was cut by the waters of the Snake River.

Hells Canyon is a remote area. In the distance between the Hell's Canyon Dam on the southern end of the canyon and the Washington-Oregon border on the northern end of the canyon no roads cross it and only three roads make it down to the Snake River.

The canyon is a unique natural area and in 1975 the United States Congress established the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. It is now a park that anyone can visit. The park features scenic vistas, hiking, camping, mountain biking and other activities.

http://geology.com/records/deepest-canyon-in-the-united-states.jpg (http://geology.com/records/deepest-canyon-in-the-united-states.jpg)
Photograph showing the Snake River flowing through Hells Canyon. Image © iStockphoto and Norman Eder.