View Full Version : Reputation System

12-14-2013, 06:54 PM
Just a reminder, that the reps are meant to be for fun, and not to be abused. There's no need to purposely go out of ones way in order to give someone negative reputation, and multiple times. I want to leave things "as-is", but that means trusting in everyone not to abuse the system. Also, staff does and always has reserved the right to delete comments that may come off to others as harassing, or abusive. I don't want to get sucked into arguments by way of the rep system, where I would need to intervene in fights that have traveled from the board into the rep system. I can very well severely limit the amount per day, or how many other members you most rep before going back to the same person again. I have chosen not to do so up till this point, 6 years into this board. It can still be a cool and fun tool to use, but can also be ruined for the entire board if a few members abuse the privilege. If people truly hate one another, use it sparingly, when posts are made that are REALLY deserving, not just because you don't like someone, or disagree with their opinion.