View Full Version : ‘The Last Round You’ll Ever Need’: The Awesome New Bullet Billed as a ‘One-Shot Manst

01-28-2014, 08:06 AM
This is one ugly bullet, so as Obama tries to do away with lead bullets they have now come out with a copper bullet that looks like it will sure enough do the job, and I see it was produced not 20 minutes from the house :cool: it looks like I will have to pick up some new ammo.

They call it the R.I.P. round and with good reason. G2 Research has released a new (http://conservativevideos.com/new?lc=int_mb_1001) ammo (http://www.gunsammodepot.com/ammo/) that is taking the market by storm and has gun owners all over the country trying to find where to pick some up.