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03-28-2014, 08:31 AM
This is a special member-member interview, where Tyr-Ziu Saxnot was kind enough, and volunteered to do a few interviews. The first one up is with aboutime. This is an awesome and lengthy interview, and a HUGE thank you to both Tyr and AT for taking the time to do this for us!!

What kind of childhood and family upbringing did you have and where did you live during those years?

Grew up poor, but didn't know we were poor. Both parents always worked until my youngest brother was born in 1959. Lived in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pa. close to Valley Forge, along the Schuylkill River. Where I, and my friends spent much of our time pretending we were Tom Sawyer era kids. Even had a raft made of broken telephone poles, and long bamboo to push us along.

I remember many weeks when potato soup was the main meal at dinner. Being the oldest boy. Most all of the chores were mine. My mother was always sickly, and my sister was daddy's little girl. So, she was forced to do nothing, while I did the dishes, trash duties, laundry sorting into baskets...taken to laundromat each Thursday.

Before I got my drivers license. That laundry was pulled in brother's red wagon, across town. Then on Friday. We went back to bring them home. We lived in a three story, red brick front, converted boarding house. Coal heat, no air conditioning. One window fan on the first floor, facing the street...just 12 feet away. No carpeting. Linoleum in every room. One bathroom. No shower. No washing machine. We burned our trash, and garbage outback, in a 55 gallon, empty drum. Dirt yard, under the unused clotheslines my mother once hung sheets, towels, and those nasty Underwear looking things we pretended...DIDN'T EXIST.

Lived two blocks from elementary school, so I walked every day. Almost a mile from Junior High, 7-9th grades. Walked across town until the school board changed the boundaries. Then I walked about a mile to High School until I turned 16, and began to drive. Was the only one in our family who could drive after my father fell from a 2nd story roof at work. Landed on his feet, and broke his back. I became the man of the house, taking care of my father, then in a body cast, from hips to neck for six months. While doing all of this. I got hurt playing basketball at school. I jumped, and came down on another boy's knee as he jumped, and it fractured my tail bone (coccyx). Coincidentally. I had surgery on my tailbone in the same hospital, and same room with my dad...which took place on November 22, 1963. watched Walter Cronkite on TV in our room as he reported JFK had died at 1:00 P.M. After recuperating from the surgery. As if things couldn't get any worse. My mother fell ill, and needed a hysterectomy. She had been suffering WOMAN kinds of problems for several years, following the birth of my youngest brother. Thankfully. My dad was a Teamster, and the Union helped with the medical bills as well as providing money for food, and bills since my dad was unable to work. After my dad got out of the body cast that Spring, and returned to work. I convinced him that I wanted to Join the Navy. JFK's Navy experiences, as well as watching years of VICTORY AT SEA on a black and white TV on Saturdays inspired me to choose the navy. He knew I would probably end up in Vietnam if I was drafted into the Army, or Marines. Many of my friends laughed when they learned I was going in the Navy. They chided me about HOW SAFE I would be in a warm bed, and hot meals where NO FOXHOLES could be found on any ship. As I look back, and remember a few of my friends also joined the Army, and Marines. I still feel the pains of our decisions as, we all know where they ended up. A Wall...in Washington DC.

How would you describe yourself politically and what measures would you take to correct this nation's current path were you suddenly put in charge?

Politically. I am torn between Libertarian, and Conservative/Republican. I would also call myself a Pragmatist. I tend to depend on REALITY, and common sense, logic, and using History that gives me the Wisdom to know the differences...HONESTLY, between right and wrong, truth and lies, and obeying the tenants, laws, and rules of THINKING men, and women.

Since I despise lies, falsehoods, and dishonest people. I enjoy exposing EVERYONE who lives by lies, and anyone who disobeys, or breaks LAWS created by man. Were I younger, and more able to use the English language more properly to PLEASE the typical Perfectionists who have NEVER, EVER MADE ANY MISTAKES. I wouldn't mind taking a shot at running for a political office...like President for a day.

I know, I'd make so many enemies...it would never happen in the first place. Because I can't afford to run, have never been a dog catcher, and still have no SILVER SPOONS to brag about. But. I am sure. If it could happen for one day. Washington DC would be a barren place if I could get rid of EVERY LIAR in politics. And that would only be the START. I remember days long ago, when my father proudly told us how great America was. And he reminded us, almost every chance he could. That WE could do anything WE Could Think Of, or Dream Of. Because This is the greatest nation on Earth. Sadly. Knowing how my dad felt before he passed-away in 1982. That old expression about SPINNING IN HIS GRAVE...seems to almost be reality today. If he was still here. I know, he'd be really, really pissed at Obama. And believe it or not...My Dad was a die-hard Democrat who loved FDR, and TRUMAN, but despised IKE, and even...if I dare say HATED Nixon. He thought Jimmy Carter was such a Great man until he screwed-up the Hostage rescue.

I grew up learning to Love my country, my flag, our military, while being taught to respect others, and treat them like I would want to be treated. The TEN Commandments were my guide, as they remain today. But I see a nation I once loved, and proudly served for so long; becoming the complete opposite of everything my parents reminded me...I could be, and become with that American Dream only as far away as how hard I was willing to work for it.

What are your favorite hobbies and sports?

Started out as loving to play baseball, and football. Learned to love watching the Philadelphia FLYERS during the 70's when they literally FOUGHT for the Stanley Cup. Got to see the Old Philadelphia Phillies play in the old Connie Mack stadium with my dad. Robin Roberts, Richie Ashburn of the late 50's. Never went to another game with my dad. But, remember the thrill of the smells, the sounds, and that beautiful patch of Green Grass that said..."BASEBALL!"

Before going into the navy. I tried to develop a collection of H.O. trains, using my weekly allowance. But that all ended when I learned to drive. After retirement from the Navy. My hobbies became home improvement as an amateur, but very good carpenter. Remodeled our old kitchen with cabinets and laminated counters with a new stainless steel sink. Retiled two, and a half bathrooms, installed new showers, and new plumbing. By myself, and according to local codes.
I also loved working with wood so much. I used my art talent to create wooden, painted, Disney, and Looney Tune characters, fish, dolphins, and even wooden sharks. After my spinal surgeries while in the Navy. My limitations slowed down my activities to less physical, lengthy standing. Which ended all of the carpenter work with my first of two heart attacks. Both of which...my wife thought I had passed. But wonderful EMT's actually saved my life...making it possible to write these words. Of course. I didn't mention a few other physical limitation. I actually don't like to talk about things that remind me how close, and short our life can be. But I can proudly brag about my battle with the 'BIG C'...and how I have become a six year survivor that gave me so much more courage to finally...Say what I want to say, without fears of someone telling me "You can't say that!", or "Shut up!". When you beat death THREE Times. You'd be surprised how easy life becomes, and how much easier it is to get things off your chest...knowing the next chance may never come.

How would you describe your current life ,family, etc?

On March 21st of this year. My wife and I enjoyed our 45th Anniversary together as partners, and friends for life. We are proud of our two son's, their ladies, and the HALF DOZEN grandchildren who mysteriously make being ALIVE...so much more rewarding, and happiness increases ten-fold when you hear the words " Pop, and Grandmom". Unconditional Love just can't be compared to anything else in life. It's great to be alive. Hopefully, long enough to learn those six little people will be able to enjoy an AMERICA we all hope to get back from those who hate us.

Who are your heroes past and/or present? Feel free to include family members if desired and tell us why they are/were so special.

Though we had a rough life from the very start. I will always hold my Father as my lifelong Hero. Rarely a day goes by that I don't remember something he said, or told me. In fact. I try to use the wisdom he taught me as a tool to be shared, and passed on to EVERYONE..including, here on D.P.

Other hero's were JFK, General Patton, Eisenhower, Stormin' Norman of Gulf War fame. Ronald Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, and G. Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Will Rogers, Abe Lincoln, Martin L. King, Jr. Tiger Wood, and Mark Twain. Anyone who wonders why I chose any of those people...probably have little, if any knowledge of History. And, it tells them, though I may have been from a poor family. My greatest Accomplishment in life was...LEARNING TO READ.

Favorite television shows and/or movies and why?

Very few lately. "Jeopardy", every nite. History channel, Military channel. Law & Order SVU, Rizzoli & Isles, Holmes on Holmes (home construction, carpentry) The Chase, Cash Cab. Most other programs that provide useful information. Then..FOOTBALL, GOLF, with TIGER WOODS playing.

How do rate President Obama's policies to date?

HONESTLY? I reject all of his policies. And, in doing so. I qualify as, what the Obama administration, and Democrats call Racist, and Home Grown Terrorist. Due to my military experience, and being an INFORMED American. Unlike a very large percentage of our Under-educated, Un-informed population. I do not like OBAMA'S policies. Which is totally different from not Liking Obama.

Would you support impeachment of Obama and if so why? How great a punishment would you support were he found guilty?

YES. I would support Impeachment of Obama...only if I could be sure Joe Biden was also Impeached, along with the so-called Hatred-Majority led by Pelosi, and Reid. In today's setting...The Senate controlled by Democrats. Impeachment WOULD NOT HAPPEN. It would take too long, cost too much, and Obama would be out of office by the time anything would take place ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION.

Should this nation rise up against the current tyranny to save itself from great future disasters?

ONLY with, and by the direction of the Constitution. We must wait for the process...ELECTIONS, to take place first. Such idea's seem to lead toward a future, 2nd Revolution. That would destroy our nation completely. Opening up a huge VACUUM for leadership that people like PUTIN, and the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD would happily try to fill. That is NOT what I, or any other American should be willing to use.

What do you make of the current massive interests in newly made "stars" such as the Kardashians, Kanye West etc?

Honestly. I don't see anything there. I grew up with ELVIS PRESLEY, The 50's ROCK AND ROLL, then the BEATLES. CAMELOT in Washington. It's simply another phase of Illiterate Americans looking for Instant Gratification while they DRINK TOO MUCH, HAVE TOO MUCH SEX, HAVE BABIES OUT OF WEDLOCK, and let's not forget AIDS, DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL....Obama, Obama, Obama. Stupidity at it's finest.

Do you support our military, if yes, why and how much?

HELL YES! Let's see. I gave 30 years of my life to OUR NATION in uniform. Both of our son's gave what they could to OUR NATION in uniform. I live in the nations LARGEST MILITARY area for a reason. OUR NATION NEEDS A STRONG MILITARY. Period.

Have you ever visited other nations and experienced foreign cultures in their native lands?

YES. Been around the World Twice while in the Navy. South China Sea, Yankee Station, during Vietnam. Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, Many of the Caribbean Islands, Around South America on two separate Six month deployments. And that included visits to ports in nearly every Atlantic, and Pacific border nation of South America, with four transits of the Panama Canal. Been to Europe, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, England, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Bosnia. Africa, Egypt, (Suez Canal), Somalia, Kenya, Liberia. Ascension Island, Azores. Asia. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates. BUT....No matter what nation I visited. There was never any place LIKE HOME.

Why should our Second Amendment be held to be a firm and sacred right?

Until someone has the power to remove it from our Constitution. And, as long as our Constitution is in effect according to Wise, Smart, Human Americans. Every American should forever have the right to PROTECT, and DEFEND his, or her freedom, personal liberty, and rights to be alive. Only the 2nd amendment provides that.

What do you think of the many threats our nation currently faces?

They worry me greatly. I worry about NOT having someone we call Our Leader, who is capable, or has the will to step forward carrying that "BIG STICK" America has long been known for having. My biggest fears are not for me. I am running out of time on this Earth. But my fears are primarily directed toward, and for...Our grandchildren. It scares me that I may not be hear to help them...in some way, to realize what I, and Millions of others served America for. We can't resort to Revolution, or Civil Wars. We need to EDUCATE the people with nothing but...TRUTH, and HONEST FACTS to overcome the terrible Ignorance around us all.

Do you believe man made global warming is real or a scam and why?

While I believe we...as human beings, have contributed to pollution..rather than calling it Global Warming/Cooling. We, here in the U.S.A. are not, by any logical reasons, or actual reasons responsible on a scale...as China, or even Europe. I have seen smog in L.A., but that is light compared to many of the Asian, and European cities where smog, or filth in the air is Normal. Personally. I see GW, and GC as nothing but huge Financial Hoaxes being extorted from Americans to allow politicians to increase their GREEN profits, on the backs of Americans who must pay for their Heat, Gas, and Energy needs. AL GORE has become a Billionaire on the backs of the very same people he cried to...when thankfully. George W. Bush beat him.

What truly scares you or gives you cause to wonder about yourself and your family's future?

I think I've already stated that previously. I fear for the Future of America. But mostly for the Futures of our Grandchildren. Now, all in debt over 100K, long before any of them are old enough to call OBAMA a jerk.

Give us a good report of your family and how being a member made you the man you are now?

Experience is the best teacher. Learning to THINK, REASON, and use COMMON SENSE in everything I do has...I hope. Made me the Husband, father, and grandfather my family will one day remember me as..."The Pop we loved."

Do you believe man's only Salvation is the acceptance of Christ as a personal saviour?

Yes. And with that. I do not feel any need to explain WHY I believe that. I have no responsibility to ANYONE to make excuses, or apologize for my FAITH, or BELIEFS. I know what prayer, and having faith has done for me in my life.
So. Other than trying to let others know how valuable that has been for me. I'd prefer to allow others to learn, on their own. Without feeling any need to explain. In other words. "I'll mind my business, and everyone else should mind theirs". That's what is wrong with the world today. Everybody else thinks they know...what is best for ME?

What have been your career choices and would you change any if you could go back and do so?

First, and foremost. Way back in 1963. Following John F. Kennedy's funeral that I watched on Black and White TV. My career choice was actually a PROMISE I made to my Dad. He always reminded me, my sister, and our brothers. "When you start something. Do it right the first time, and FINISH IT." My dad didn't live long enough to see me FINISH...RETIRE from the Navy. But, I did it. Not only for me, my family. But...to FINISH what I started for my Dad. As for being able to go back to change? Had I been able to go to college back then. I think I would have chosen to try and go to Annapolis. The Naval Academy, to become an Officer. However. After serving my 30 years as an Enlisted man. I quickly learned how...becoming an officer...left much to be desired when it came to COMMON SENSE, LOGIC, and being PRACTICAL. Anyone who has served in Any branch of our Military...who never became an officer. Knows exactly...what I am talking about. To this day. I still believe I served with some officers who MARKED their shoes, and socks with big letters "L" and "R". Imagine how much trouble they had with PORT and STARBOARD???

Why do you like this forum and what if anything would you suggest to make it better?

Hardest question of all. Guess I enjoy it most because it has become one of the last places where I can offer my opinion without fearing somebody else can stop me. I know that sounds silly but. With all of the letters I have written to members of Congress over many years. At least here on DP. I don't get an expected form letter back, asking me to donate money I don't have, to people I don't like, to impress people I don't know???

Seriously. DP is a release...IF YOU WILL. It's a place to blow off steam. Offer an opinion. Learn the differences between Honesty, and Falsehoods. Smart, and questionable people, and get both sides of every opinion...even if it makes no sense. The FIRST AMENDMENT is alive, and well here. Thanks to Jimnyc. Try to say this kind of stuff anywhere else. Then standby for the "BAN".

Thanks for the opportunity to expose my old age. All I can hope for is. Not too much laughing, and maybe..One person will understand.