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03-28-2014, 11:59 AM
This is another interview done by Tyr!! I can't say much about it, as I may come off as biased since Jeff is my brother. I might have asked him why he tried to drown me in the family pool when we were younger. But these questions are much better! Great job to both of ya! :)

What kind of childhood and family upbringing did you have and where did you live during those years?

I was raised in central Jersey, it was a much better time back than. We where a tight family with 3 boys and one girl ( yes my poor sister ) My Dad worked his tail off so we could have and my Mom kept our house running smoothly as we where allowed to grow and do normal things as kids ( I sure wish kids of today could do the same )

How would you describe yourself politically and what measures would you take to correct this nation's current path were you suddenly put in charge?

I am very conservative and I would love to say get rid of Obama and things would be great but that is a small part of the problems in the country, lack of Morals I think is the number one killer now a days and it is on both sides of the fence in DC ( yes the left hasn't had any morals in years but the right is catching up quickly ) Let God back into the country and you will see a difference

What are your favorite hobbies and sports?

Hobbies would have to be # 1 riding, there is no better therapy than riding through the mountains on a beautiful day, I also love fishing and hunting, as for sports Nascar has to be #1 one with college football a close second.

How would you describe your current life ,family, etc

Currently my life is great, having spent 15 years with my first wife only made me realize how good I have it now, yes I finally learned what marriage is all about, it is great to have your best friend - soul mate as your partner in life!

Who are your heroes past and/or present? Feel free to include family members if desired and tell us why they are/were so special.

My Dad was and is my Hero, he is a hard working man that made sure his family always had what we needed ( sometimes we would be mad that it wasn't the big fancy brand we wanted but we never went without) MY dad worked a civil service job that didn't pay a lot but we went to Florida every summer for a month long vacation, those memories are some of my fondest. My Grandfather also has hero status, his parents died when he was a child and he was told he was being sent to Delaware ( to relatives ) when in all reality he was being sent to work on a farm. MY Grandfather wasn't a real smart person when it came to paper and pencil but he provided for his family ( and did so very well ) he taught his family morals which was passed on down the line.

Favorite television shows and/or movies and why?

TV there are many. Son's of Anarchy has to be number one it is a show about outlaw M/C and although it is made for entertainment it does have some truth to it, I also love anything with Alaska in it. Lately it has been Buying Alaska and Alaska Railroad, Alaska has to be one of the most beautiful places around, Being as I drove all over this Country for a living I got to see many beautiful places but nothing like Alaska.

How do rate President Obama's policies to date?

The scale doesn't go low enough

Would you support impeachment of Obama and if so why? How great a punishment would you support were he found guilty?

Yes I would because in my eyes he is out for one thing and one thing only, he is in office to destroy this country from the inside out, he has made a fool out of our Country all over the world. Him and the Mooch are out for one thing, they are going to get all they can well the getting is good, I mean has the man ever told the truth ?

As for what punishment it all depends on what they finally take him down for ( the list could be very long if there was ever a real investigation ) So I guess my answer is I would support what ever punishment fits the crime ( we are all suppose to live by the laws, being president shouldn't give you a pass or a easier sentence )

Should this nation rise up against the current tyranny to save itself from great future disasters?

Absolutely, History shows us where they are heading so yes we should rise up we now know what they are doing so no need to let them get it off the ground.

What do you make of the current massive interests in newly made "stars" such as the Kardashians, Kanye West etc?

They deserve each other, Media whores ( well Kardashian is more than just a media whore )

Do you support our military, if yes, why and how much?

YES they are the true Hero's of this great nation, they do as they are told, they put themselves in harms way for us, all this for such little money, we owe them our respect first off ( which now a days with no morals in this country doesn't happen like it should) My pastor is a Vietnam vet and is eat up with all kinds of medical problems, he was at the VA twice this week, talk about lack of respect , what a shame it is the way these folks are treated, He was diagnosed with 6 months to live ( 6 months ago ) seems Agent Orange has ate up his lungs so they measured the size of the Module they found in his lung waited 6 month s and re measured it and said it hasn't grown so it probably isn't cancer ( the rest of the results will be mailed out in 4 to 6 weeks, that is disgusting )

Have you ever visited other nations and experienced foreign cultures in their native lands?

I spent some time in Halifax Canada and I loved it, they are very proud people

Why should our Second Amendment be held to be a firm and sacred right?

For the very reason it was written, we are in a bad way in this country with no morals in many it is hard to say what you may be faced with so yes now is the time we should have the right to protect ourselves.Many believe our Government is just waiting to leap and I am one of them, everything this president has done since being in office has been to make things worse, from the stirring of the racial pot to wanting to let the less dangerous brothers out of jail, yes a country that is divided is conquered easily, together we stand divided we fall, with that said we need to Arm ourselves and be prepared now more than ever.

What do you think of the many threats our nation currently faces?

If we had a Government with some Balls we wouldn't have these issues but many of the world leaders have realized what a joke we have running things and will now push as much as possible

Do you believe man made global warming is real or a scam and why?

This is a joke and every time I think of it all I can think of is that idiot Al Gore screaming like a lunatic when he lost the election, hell if he had his way we would still be re counting the vote all one has to do is replay that scene in your mind and think at how ridicules he was than in front of the world, do I really want to take a nuts word , that and the fact he told us 6 years ago how certain the Glaziers would be melted by now but they are standing proud

What truly scares you or gives you cause to wonder about yourself and your family's future?

Tyr I drove TT for a living and learned over the years the economy will follow what is happening there ( the cost to ship things will change the cost of all products in the store ) With the price of fuel now a driver can't hardly make a living, the last time I went up the road our rates where like 2 bucks a mile but on top of that we charged the customer a extra 1600 for a fuel surcharge ( that 1600 was more than what the rate was ) yes this was a trip to NJ from GA ( about 800 miles ) We have seen prices jump but they aren't done yet, if things don't change we are going to see where people can't afford basic everyday needs and not being able to wok now a days I am scared to death of that.

Give us a good report of your family and how being a member made you the man you are now?

MY family consist of my wife and four boys ( immediate family ) my two youngest are straight A students and love to either be playing ball or doing something with the church ( seems like every night they do one or the other ) They are great baseball players , Colt at 3rd base and Wyatt pitches and plays the out field and yes I taught them enough to get these travel ball teams to invite them to play. My older boys are from my first marriage, the 20 year old is a hard worker ( I wish he had went on to school but a hard worker is fine with me ) he does construction 12 hours a day ( he learned his hard work ethics from me ) My wife is my pride and joy a beautiful woman 12 years younger ( that is why the 2 youngest boys are so close in age, she wanted 2 kids and I was getting old so I told her we had to do it quickly so after the first child was born we went to the 6 week check up ( and got the green light ) and 2 weeks later we where back and she was pregnant. Bringing up kids and just trying to survive in this world has made me a much better man.

Do you believe man's only Salvation is the acceptance of Christ as a personal saviour?

The only way to get to Heaven is to believe in Jesus Christ Believe he died for our sins and was resurrected 3 days later!!

What have been your career choices and would you change any if you could go back and do so?

I ran heavy equipment at a early age but then settled down as a over the road trucker which has put me in the bad health I have now, if I could do it all again I would of choose to do the right thing is school and would of went on to college.

Why do you like this forum and what if anything would you suggest to make it better?

I love to come here because # 1 I love to read others post, I respect many on here ( both that agree with my outlooks and some that don't ) many on here are very smart people and I have learned a lot by just reading there post, also it is fun at times to debate back and forth but I come mostly because I have gotten to know quite a few on here that have been here for years , ya almost get to feeling like they are part of your everyday life, as for changes I can't think of anything off hand.