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08-08-2014, 05:29 PM
Tyr took the time to write up the questions and Kath took the time to answer. Make sure you thank them in another thread!! Another great interview! :)

1.What kind of childhood and family upbringing did you have and where did you live during those years?

I had a good childhood, at least regarding my family and best friend. Raised in an upper class suburb of Chicago, Elmhurst. It was a heavily German-Lutheran town, many of whom hated Catholics.

My dad was a specialty steel salesman, my mom a stay at home until we were in middle school. The only bad part of my youth was going to parochial school. To some degree that probably was because of the neighbors focusing in on our being Catholics. From that you can probably understand when I lose my temper with religious bigots.

2.How would you describe yourself politically and what measures would you take to correct this nation's current path were you suddenly put in charge?

I doubt few are not aware that Iíd best describe myself as a conservative with libertarian leanings. Iím for as little government at each level as possible, but most concerned about the encroachments of the federal government since the Civil War.

I certainly wouldnít want to be in charge, but as for corrections Iíd begin with, laws that would force Congress to actually do their job and punishments for handing things over to executive branch and lobbyists.

3.What are your favorite hobbies and sports?

Favorite hobbies would be reading, writing, swimming, walking and spending time with my family. Sports I like to watch would be soccer, football and basketball.

4.How would you describe your current life ,family, etc

In all honesty, for the first time in my life Iím being selfish to some degree. I moved to AZ, while family is all in IL. Within days or weeks Iím going to be a grandma for the first time! Going to fly to IL to spend some time with the new baby and her parents. They are likely leaving in October for a year or two in London, something that was going to happen a year ago, but thanks to British laws, postponed, then a high risk pregnancy, so they will be here for the birth! In February, second grandchild is due, my oldest son and his wife.

My parents are gone, but they were the best parents one could have hoped for, best grandparents too! I think I learned a few things from them.

Along with the two children making me a grandma, I have my youngest, another son. Heís just really into getting ahead in his career right now, but is likely the one who will come and visit sooner than later.

I also have my brother and his family, weíre all very close. He and my parents really stepped into help with my kids while we went through a very long divorce.

5.Who are your heroes past and/or present? Feel free to include family members if desired and tell us why they are/were so special.

Well as the above answer probably answers, my brother. He has always been there for family, myself and my kids included.

My other heroes include veterans and those still serving, they are amazing. Historical figures are many, certainly the Founders.

6.Favorite television shows and/or movies and why?

Downton Abbey-costumes and history. NCIS, just like the humor and characters.

7.How do rate President Obama's policies to date?

F. Worst. Ever.

8.Would you support impeachment of Obama and if so why? How great a punishment would you support were he found guilty?

His use of executive actions, in areas not used before may be heading in that direction, though I still think that impeachment is not something that should be happening so easily. I blame Nixon for that.

If Congress would do its job, he wouldnít be able to do the things he has.

9.Should this nation rise up against the current tyranny to save itself from great future disasters?

Tyrants can only have the power the people allow them to have. Blame the citizenry and Congress.

10.Do you support our military, if yes, why and how much?

Of course, see heroes. Just remember that whether or not one likes it, Obama is CIC. It is a volunteer force.

11.Have you ever visited other nations and experienced foreign cultures in their native lands?

Iíve never been out of US, other than to Canada, and then only in the waters of it. Canoeing.

12.Why should our Second Amendment be held to be a firm and sacred right?

While I have never owned a firearm, nor have many, that we have a right to is guaranteed by that amendment. Thus neither those that might want to do us harm can never be sure what they will be walking into. Same with the government, itís the possibility of insurrection that always hovers.

13.What do you think of the many threats our nation currently faces?

Iím not sure what you mean here, so Iíll assume you are asking what I consider threats currently? Cut down of our military without a doubt is the first. Greatest enemy is Russia, China close behind. I do think as Gaffer pointed out not long ago, we may very well be heading for a global war, not like WOT, but truly for dominance as in the two WWs.

14.Do you believe man made global warming is real or a scam and why?

I donít think that Ďmaní is the cause of global warming, though I do think that the earth warms and cools cyclically. From what Iíve been reading, weíve been cooling for the past 20 years at least.

15.What truly scares you or gives you cause to wonder about yourself and your family's future?

See 13, though I canít say that I over worry about myself or family, I worry more on a global level, all of mankind.

16.Give us a good report of your family and how being a member made you the fine , intelligent lady you are now?

I think Iíve pretty much already covered this in previous answers. I donít know how fine or intelligent I am, though whatever of those qualities I have, Iím sure that was parenting and genetics. LOL!

17.Do you believe man's only Salvation is the acceptance of Christ as a personal savior?

I do, but I really donít like getting into religion.

18.Do you support Israel its current action to stop Hamas and its bombing(missiles) of Israel, and should Israel do it right by invading completely and destroying Hamas entirely?

I support Israel. In my thinking their mistake has been trying to deal with Hamas, Palestinians without an agreement for Israel to exist.

The Europeans talk about Ď2 state solution,í but the Hamas charter prohibits any such agreement.

19.Why do you like this forum and what if anything would you suggest to make it better?

I like the people Iíve met here and some newer ones too. Thereís many I miss. Many are gone for reasons that I think had to do with a failure of dealing with some problems. This is only my opinion. I think that it would help immeasurably if people would speak their opinions without unnecessary hyperbole. Calling someone a liberal is fine, a libtard though to a specific poster is not productive, please note, my opinion only.

Post after post of speaking opinions as facts is also not in the best interest of the board or furthering debate/discussions. Too much of that here.

Expressing an opinion, forcefully is not only good for the board, but leads to further discussion, whether one agrees with the premise or not.

Adding links to either support of your position or examples of why your position was chosen is also a positive, as it allows others to counter or agree. While not always possible, one usually can find something to confirm or deny.

Name calling in general isnít a good tactic, though weíve all done it. While not the end of the world in any sense, the less itís done the better, IMO.

Calling out education or lack of such is just an admission of losing the argument.

Respect of others, acknowledgment that even those we disagree with are Ďhumaní and deserving of respect, attracts members.

20. Last but by no means least is this question.
If obama were found guilty of treason would you support the harshest punishment be meted out to him?

Once again, as with impeachment discussion, I have to go with the basis of my understanding:


Section 3 - Treason defined. Proof of. Punishment of.

1. Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.
2. The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture, except during the life of the person attainted.