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08-11-2014, 11:09 AM
Awesome, 2 of my favorite members. Tyr was kind enough once again to interview someone for us. Gaffer is another one of our veterans, one who has a vast amount of knowledge of the military, and US history in general. I've always admired his posts!

1. What kind of childhood and family upbringing did you have and where did you live during those years?

I had a good childhood. We were poor but always managed to have what we needed. I was born near Lake Michigan in Indiana. A place thatís best discribed as the town in Chrimas Story. And yes I got my Red Rider BB gun when I was 10. And I had a 26 inch bike. Anything smaller was for little kids and girls. My father worked and my mother stayed home and took care of the house. I have two brothers and one sister. In 1961 we moved to California. Orange County. Again, a movie reference of the time would be American Graffiti. Where were you in 62? I liked the ďbeach shitĒ. Mainly because I love good harmony and good guitar riffs.

2. How would you describe yourself politically and what measures would you take to correct this nation's current path were you suddenly put in charge?

Politically Iím a conservative. I think most people can figure that out by my posts. If I were king of the forest, first thing Iíd do is put Trey Gowdy in as Attorney General and tell him heís free to prosecute any and all former members of the former administration to the fullest extent of the law. Iíd make Kathianne my advisor to help keep me line cause I know I would go overboard with orders. I would begin rebuilding the military and tell putin any russian planes testing our airspace will get one warning and then be shot down. I would give Israel full backing with material and intelligence and anything else they need to clean out gaza for good.

I would seal the border and fine and jail anyone that hires illegals. I would then begin deportation. I would also consider military action against the drug cartels in the other countries. They can help or get out of the way. Money in foreign aid would be seriously curtailed until thereís proof of action to address drug and human trafficing problems. I also begin stationing troops in Germany, Poland and the Balkan states to intimidate the russians.

There would be troops and equipment sent to the Kurds. The air strikes against ISIS would begin immediately.

3. What are your favorite hobbies and sports?

My hobby at this time is my computer which I play with daily. I have no sports that Iím interested in.

4. How would you describe your current life ,family, etc?

My current life is fine. Iím retired. I live with my son and his family. He built a room in the basement which is where I am most of the time. Iím the parent living in his kids basement, except Iím not a hacker or troll. I do sometimes refer to my room as the troll cave. And I do pay my way here. I share the basement with four cats. BP, Fred and George the twins, and the recently added Tazmaniac this is the cat that wrestles stuffed animals and drags them around the floor growling. I think he has ADHD or something.

5. Who are your heroes past and/or present? Feel free to include family members if desired and tell us why they are/were so special.

My father was the first real hero I knew. He received a bronze star for blowing up three German tanks in the hedge row country of France with a bazooka. I admire anyone that is a real hero such as military, police and fire and medical personnel. I have no movie heros or rock star heros.

6. Favorite television shows and/or movies and why?

Battlestar Galactica is my favorite series. The newer one not the old one. I have been following Walking Dead, the Last Ship, Falling Skies and lately The Strain. I am getting pissed that they have to have 10 show runs as a season. Then wait a year for the next season to start. The fantasy stuff is a nice escape from the real world. I want a good and continous story line

Movies: The Lord of the Rings extended versions. The Hobbit falls into this as well.

7. How do rate President Obama's policies to date?

An F, a Zero, absolute and complete failure. Thereís just no rating low enough.

8. Would you support impeachment of Obama and if so why? How great a punishment would you support were he found guilty?

Yes I would but only after the GOP has control of the House and Senate. And in addition they need to go after the rest of the wolves in his administration. When the crooks control the enforcement of the laws you canít use the laws to go after them.

9. Should this nation rise up against the current tyranny to save itself from great future disasters?

I would hope that doesnít have to happen. And if it did I donít think things would go down quite the way people expect. A civil war would not have fronts and battle lines. One of the first targets would need to be the media. Pull the plug on the govt propaganda.

10. Do you support our military, if yes, why and how much?

I have always supported the military, even when it wasnít popular to support the military. I have more condidence in the military than the current govt or any govt agency.

11. Have you ever visited other nations and experienced foreign cultures in their native lands?

I got to see the countryside of South Vietnam with a brief step over into Cambodia. Also got to spend a week in Tokyo seeing the sites, drinking and whoring. That was the extent of my foreign country visits. Tokyo was cool. I can say that the cab rides were very interesting, they didnít have speed limits there. And like the Brits they drive on the wrong side of the road.

12. Why should our Second Amendment be held to be a firm and sacred right?

For the very threat we face today with the threat of a tyrant taking control of the govt. Along with the innate right to defend yourself from low lifes.

13. What do you think of the many threats our nation currently faces?

If they are not confronted they will lead to larger and more dangerous threats including a world war that could dwarf the last two.

14. Do you believe man made global warming is real or a scam and why?

Itís a huge scam designed so a few people can steal a lot of money.

15. What truly scares you or gives you cause to wonder about yourself and your family's future?

See 13 above.

16. What have been your career choices and would you change any if you could go back and do so?

In most cases I didnít have choices. Circumstances led me to jobs, not careers. As determined as you may be some times events just take choices out of your hands. Thereís lot of things I would love to go back and change.

17. Why do you like this forum and what if anything would you suggest to make it better?

I think itís just fine. Donít know what would make it better. I get tired of some of the bickering and name calling and have taken hiatus from the board because of it. But it seems to have tapered off recently. Iíve seen more civility lately. That ignore button can do wonders.

18. Islam , its massive threats to the world. You are President. How would you handle it?

What needs to be done goes against everything the US and the Constitution stand for. But I would remove most muslims from any federal positions. What should be done and what will be done are always two different things.

19. Give your list of history's greatest generals and greatest battles!

There are lotís of great battles. My list would take too much space here. The same goes for great generals. Though heís not known for combat leadership George Marshall was brilliant as chief of staff during WW2. Generals are much over rated. They give the orders and sign the papers, but they have staff that actually does the work. Lower officers and enlisted men put the plans together. The generals name then goes on it. He rises or he falls based on his staff.

Another factor is the type of troops in his command. Good, well trained, dedicated soldiers will make a difference in any battle. The best general in the world canít win a battle with poor quality troops.

A general, a president, a CEO. Doesnít matter what title. Itís the staff they surround themselves with that determines whether they succeed or fail.

20. Give the name or names of guys you served in the military with that you admire and please include if they survived their tour of duty in Vietnam or not.

I wouldnít do that without asking permission first and I havenít seen any of them except one since Vietnam.