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08-19-2014, 08:27 AM
A second interview with Tyr, and interviewed by Kathianne. I really liked this interview! Awesome job to both!!

1.We’ve seen lots of references to other sites you belonged to or still do. How did you find message board and what do they offer that has kept your interest? What does DP offer that others you’ve belonged to don’t?

You ask very in depth questions. I shall endeavor to answer as deeply as I dare without going too long. I will be very blunt, so best be prepared to read that.. I find most sites by way of Google. Look about for a few visits then I either join or cast it aside. If the members are interesting and that includes the opposition I usually join in the fray. Never been afraid to fight with words, fists or weapons! DP had a damn lot of fine people, which even includes a
few that I tangled with often, still does. Jim, Gaffer, etc. first caught my eye, both honest and both say what they think. After that I saw many others(GUYS THAT SPEAK WELL) and especially the ladies ,for DP HAS HIGH QUALITY INTELLIGENT LADIES UNLIKE ANY OTHER SITE I WAS ON.

2.You’ve mentioned that you’ve been married a time or two before your current long marriage. I know you have at least one married daughter and your lovable young son we’ve come to know a bit. Any other children and what about your grandchildren? Have you tried to persuade your wife to join us now and again, perhaps on the below the top part of the board?

My, what a can of worms for me. I have three other kids by three former girlfriends, two girls and a boy. Each time things went badly. I tolerated no unfaithfulness and such always caused me to kick the guilty to the curb. I know, I am a hard man but I am me! For good or bad I hold my principles. My first wife taught me bending principles doesn't ever work. I did so for her a couple dozen times, after that I said , hell no not ever again! I have counting all children 11 grandchildren. Four I have met , 7 I have not met but do have pictures sent to me. I lived a crazy wild life when young and was very active with the pretty gals. Can not change what I was during my "hate the world stages" both stages were 6 years long. From age 15(dad's death) to age 21, second one was from age 23(baby brothers' death) until age 29. My daughter KK was born I was 34, calmed me way, way down. Been a good boy pretty much ever since.

3.You hold very strong opinions on many issues facing our country-including the President. What would you say are the top 3 domestic issues-not people-that need to be dealt with? Likewise, the top 3 foreign issues?

Domestic are 1. Economy, we are getting shafted many ways on that front 2. Federal Government over reach heading towards a soft tyranny, later a full blown one. 3. Islam's hidden agenda here that is designed to topple, conquer this nation!

Foreign is 1. Current failure to keep and instill confidence in our allies 2. Failure to keep a military control of the world's bad guys, dictatorships and Arab oil monopoly(we are slaves to it). 3. Transfer of this nation's industries and wealth to foreign nations by many methods.

4.I’ve read a lot of your posts on the poetry/prose thread you started many months ago. You’re obviously a thinker and writer, could you give your position on what an efficient US government would look like, if such existed? Would their be primaries? What would the 2000 election have looked like? How would the party in power deal with the minority and vice versa?

Simple, think a pre 1950's set up. Smaller government, less power , less interference in state affairs. Minorities would not be bought with our tax dollars(by Dems). Dem party not be allowed to go Socialist/Communist. RESTORE THE REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC THE FOUNDERS CREATED! MORE BUT IT WOULD TAKE TEN PAGES SO LEAVE IT AT THAT.

5.You have always presented yourself as a man sure of his faith, yet have never struck a self-righteous tone that I’ve seen. Would you care to elaborate on your view of the spiritual and faith?

I am Christian, saved and baptized at age 22. I will tell others about Jesus but never try to force the issue. I believe each person must voluntarily decide and accept or not. Not my duty to attempt to browbeat or force it..

6.We’ve quite the range of posters here, though it makes many feel comfortable saying that it’s dominated by ‘righties,’ can you identify some of your favorite folks around here and why? You don’t seem to feel a need to just stick with your ‘buddies,’ care to share why?

Easier to answer than one might think. I stick with my friends when they are in line with my core principles when not I don't. I do not break my principles (appease) for anybody or any reason. Made that mistake with my first wife that I ever so dearly loved. Swore never again.. I first came here there were several big time asshats stomping the board with chests out and loudmouth rot. Over the next 18 months/two years they seem to get ran off (banned), etc. Since then its been a lot better . Jim did a good job and it was his job to do.. Here my favorite folks are listed on my friends list here. I believe anybody can see that on my profile link. I pm a lot with them and they know who they are. Very honored to have them as friends!!

7.You’ve alluded to being a bit the ‘tough guy’ when young, I believe you grew up with several brothers? If you care to, share a bit about your childhood, what made you that ‘tough guy’ and how did you finally get to be the man you are?

Good God , it would take an entire book! Short version, Dad taught us to never back down not even if fighting killed us. I had three extremely badass older brothers , was taught to fight at age five! Taught to shoot guns starting at age 6! Dad died when I was 15, I got kicked out of two schools after that for fighting multiple times. They put up with my wildness because of my IQ and always had the best grades in the advance classes I was in. Additionally at age 15 they integrated our schools, blacks came in trying to conquer us and were being rude to the white girls(grabbing their asses , dirty talk etc.). I stomped ass over that , kicked out of two schools. Had to move out of state to finish , went to Illinois to live with my oldest brother. Finished school there. Took off at age 18 hitch hiking across the nation. Came back a year later, met first wife, got married, went thru hell.

8.If you could change one thing in your past, what would it be and why?

I would not be a bouncer for all those years enjoying stomping bullies asses. I would have instead went on to become a forest ranger as was my goal at age 15 before my father died! His death changed everything! Always enjoyed the deep woods, the solitude, the hunt.

9.Your son, your wife, and yourself are in the car, packed for two weeks. Where are you headed and what are you all going to do?

Headed out West, never been out there. Would like to see Grande Canyon, Rockies , and several western states. Wyoming, Montana, Utah etc. Southern Cali, but not the big rotten cities there ! Spend at least a week at coastal beach resorts. Rest of the time do whatever my wife wanted to do. Ok, most of the time do whatever she wanted to do..lol

10.I hope this comes out the way it’s meant; of all the posters I’ve encountered over the years, you have changed style and depth the most of anyone I’ve come across. Most posters don’t change or accept advice, you have many of times. I’ve seen you apologize and acknowledge when others add something that you will consider. To me that demonstrates someone not only wanting, but willing to learn. You’ve also shown a great deal of empathy when the occasion presents itself, have you always been like that?

PRETTY MUCH. A bit less so when young but always gave people a fair chance. Even when I knew the fight was going to happen regardless I rarely ever swung first. When I debate and the opposition makes a true point I have to consider it. I swore myself to an oath to do so. I don't break oaths, I don't ever back done, I never quit unless totally defeated and always try to be as fair as possible to the other person. That way if the SHTF I can do the damage , settle the issue and never feel guilt for having broke something, somebody and loss my temper. When young I busted some people up pretty bad, bad and I felt guilty about that even with it being an action I had to take. After that I tried to find ways to control my anger, my temper and limit the damage. Hell, I am a verifiable pussycat now compared to what I once was. lol.

Remember I warned you I'd be blunt. Told it exactly like it was but limited some things because brevity is necessary. This could have been 20 times longer and twenty times more boring to the readers. As my life likely only interests my family. Gave honest answers and let the chips fall were they may. Never been an angel, never have claimed to be. Always admitted my wild ways, big mistakes and journey to be the man my father and grandfather wanted me to be.