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09-09-2014, 02:53 PM
There's a private firm that's investigating an earthquake prediction system that appears to be on the verge of give a 24 HOUR warning system.
"The mission of QuakeFinder is to save lives by finding a way to forecast major earthquakes. Tom Bleier, a QuakeFinder official.... Bleier is vice president of aerospace engineering firm Stellar Solutions which operates QuakeFinder as a humanitarian research project. The project’s goal is to develop technology and methods for detection and analysis of electromagnetic earthquake precursors to produce earthquake forecasts based on sound scientific theory and practice..."
it's in the early stages but they have some very promising results so far.
It's one of those things where they don't know why things are happening but they are recognizing various causes and effect parameters.

the science is being worked out based on interesting data from some of the following.

. A Million Amps. 2013 report from National Geographic estimates the strength of the electrical currents produced by earthquakes: "These currents are huge... They're on the order of 100,000 amperes for a magnitude 6 earthquake and a million amperes for a magnitude 7. It's almost like lightning, underground."

2. USGS, Etc. Since 2010, in the Earthquakes and Electricity section of his online Origin of Earth's Radioactivity chapter, Dr Walt Brown has referenced extensive observational evidence of earthquakes generating electrical currents including from the New Madrid Earthquake, the most powerful to hit the eastern U.S. in recorded history, as reported by the USGS.

3. Ionosphere Quake Prediction. A 2013 presentation on ionosphere earthquake prediction at the European Geophysical Union conference in Brussels includes among its evidence the actual prediction of a Dec. 6, 2012 earthquake in Greece. Dr. Brown cites this continuing research as additional evidence for extensive quartz alignment . Back in 2008, the BBC reported apparent pre-quake disturbances in the ionosphere over epicenters that scientists considered for a possible earthquake warning system. Since 2011 the U.K. and Russia are jointly sponsoring the TwinSat Project run out of London College University's Mullard Space Science Center, hoping to build the first effective earthquake warning system based on a phenomenon that they admit that they don't understand , that earthquake activity is generating crustal voltages of sufficient magnitude to disrupt the ionosphere.

Ionosphere Criticism: Early on, some discounted such earthquake prediction because other ionosphere disturbances were concurrently seen thousands of miles from epicenters. However as NBC News reported in 2012, major earthquakes do in fact set off earthquakes thousands of miles away. RSR has not yet seen but awaits an assessment regarding whether or not these distant disturbances lie above these distant quakes.

4. Electromagnetic Quake Prediction: A well-funded private humanitarian earthquake prediction project called QuakeFinder monitors ultra-low frequency electromagnetic emissions in quake-prone areas of California, Peru, Taiwan and Greece and its retrospective analysis so far has revealed apparent earthquake signatures for three significant quakes. QuakeFinder has matured to where they are prepared to alert local authorities if quakes are predicted.

5. Ant Colony Quake Prediction. Nobody wants to be buried alive, not even ants! Three years of unrelated research, videotaping ant colonies in Germany, led to the conclusion that ants can help predict earthquakes. A day before an earthquake, ants evacuate their colony, and they don't reoccupy it until a day after the quake ends. Scientists currently are unsure of how the ants predict earthquakes, but one of their ideas fits like a glove with Dr. Walt Brown's focus on the electrical current generated by continental crust under stress. Researchers suggest that perhaps the ants living near an epicenter sense a pre-quake fluctuation in the earth's electromagnetic field. (Related: Stephen Meyer's bestseller, Darwin's Doubt, on p. 280, describes the ion pumps in cell membranes which generate electromagnetic fields which fields may be of significance in reproduction, which serves as a reminder that organisms can respond to electromagnetic influences.)

6. Tectonophysics reports Alignment: Dr. Brown also quotes a scienceElectrical Properties of Rocks: Parkhomenko journal's report: "All quartz-rich rocks (quartzites, granites, gneisses, mylonites) did show [statistically significant] piezoelectric effects when stressed." J. R. Bishop, "Piezoelectric Effects in Quartz-Rich Rocks," Tectonophysics, Vol. 77, 20 August 1981, p. 297. That paper also says, "Piezoelectricity, a polarization of charge produced by an applied stress, occurs in many minerals. It is particularly strong in quartz. Aggregates of piezoelectric grains are themselves piezoelectric if the grains are suitably aligned. ... all quartz-rich rocks (quartzites, granites, gneisses, mylonites) did show piezoelectric effects when stressed" with some of the findings showing "true piezoelectric effects".

the last one is basically saying that granites and quartz rock when bent or under pressure will produce electrical and electromagnetic charges.

fascinating 25 minute audio interview with Tom Bleier, a QuakeFinder official.


09-09-2014, 03:00 PM
I remember reading lots of different accounts about "strange lights" in the sky before a devastating earthquake... that would make sense if there is that much electricity being generated and released.