View Full Version : An EASY act to follow

12-31-2014, 02:39 PM
Food in Cuba is not very enjoyable. Everything from breaded ham sandwiches, the pizzas made from sacks of wheat sitting in the back yard marked "Product of Vietnam" with minimal "cheese", drinks from highly reused plastic soda bottles food in modern day Castro's Cuba just plain sucks. ANY North American burger joint would be a huge improvement. I just wonder why Tim Horton's isn't already there, or better still A&W Canada. The Canadian A&W was smart enough not to ruin (read modernize) the menu. It must not be a good business risk or the Canadians would have already done what Fatburger wants to do in Cuba. An Uncle Burger or a Teen Burger beats a Fat Burger any day of the week.


For the past half-deacde, Los Angeles-based Fatburger has aggressively expanded into locations that don’t exactly scream America-friendly: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and soon Libya.