View Full Version : I Want To Love the Cats

01-09-2015, 02:54 AM
I can only muster like. Right now I've got them corraled into their 'momma's' room. Sheets are in dryer, for the 3rd time. The $2k sofa, my friend and I bought together, covered with cat spit. Ewww!

I've vaccumed off the hair for the upmpteenth time. Will once again cover with linens. It's so gross.

When it was warm, I'd sit on patio and 'play scratch' with them through the door. Now that it's too cold, I make myself groom them to some extent. Problem is the long hair needs more than my allergies can take.

So I find myself feeding, watering and cleaning litter box on schedual, but worrying they aren't getting enough contact.

01-09-2015, 05:27 AM
I would offer some advice, but I don't know anything about cats.

01-09-2015, 07:49 AM
Kat cats will amuse themselves, yes they do love attention but it is usually on there terms ( cats are stubborn ) but a cat will show you when they are mad at ya, for example if me and the wife go away for the weekend and leave our two home by themselves (with plenty of food and water of course) when we get back they will spend a few hours ignoring us :laugh: cracked me up the first time they did it, but they refused to come or even stay in the same room we where in, So unless they started acting real weird they are fine.

I have found a fun toy to play with the cats with and not have to even touch them, a laser pointer, they chase that thing all night long and when I get tired of playing they sit and stare at me, as if to say come on we still want to play. That laser pointer has my older cat running around like a kitten and jump, my goodness have them chase it across the room and then go up the wall, they can jump high real high :laugh: Another one my cats love is we bought them a cat tower, it stands about 10 feet and it has 8 different shelves and 3 different compartments for them to climb in and out of, place one of those toys that hand from a stick on top and they go crazy playing all by themselves and it keeps them off the furniture.