View Full Version : DeBlasio not allowed to have second chance

01-09-2015, 10:25 AM
At killing another groundhog

After the disastrous Groundhog Day ceremony last year when New York Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped and killed the animal, Staten Island Zoo officials say they will not ask the mayor to handle this year’s groundhog.

According to reports, the groundhog that De Blasio dropped died of the internal injuries that resulted from the fall, but zoo officials tried to avoid telling the Mayor’s office about the death.

This year, zoo officials are trying to head off the whole mess by keeping Mayor de Blasio away from the next groundhog.

For his part, De Blasio joked and laughed about the groundhog’s death and said he approved of the changes in procedure for the next ceremony.


01-10-2015, 03:00 AM
The families of the fallen/murdered Police officers should be invited to the Groundhog day cerimony where the FAT, DUMB, MAYOR should be held up between two garbage trucks, and Dropped into the EAST RIVER to see if SHIT really does Float.