View Full Version : The Great Antwerp Diamond Heist

03-04-2015, 02:04 PM
This is a great true story that happened in 2003.

This talented team defeated every layer of security in one of the most sophisticated vaults in the world. No one knows if they looted $20 million, $100 million or more.

De Bruycker called headquarters, asking for a nationwide alert: The Antwerp Diamond Center had been brazenly robbed. Then he dialed Securilink, the vault's alarm company."What is the status of the alarm?" he asked.

"Fully functional," the operator said, checking the signals coming in from the Diamond Center. "The vault is secure."

"Then how is it that the door is wide open and I'm standing inside the vault?" De Bruycker demanded, glancing at the devastation all around him.
He hung up and looked at Peys. They were up against a rare breed of criminal.