View Full Version : World's fastest camera can capture 100 billion frames per sec

Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
04-28-2015, 09:04 AM

World's fastest camera can capture 100 billion frames per sec

WASHINGTON - A team of biomedical engineers has developed the world’s fastest camera, a device that can capture events up to 100 billion frames per second.

The current ultrafast imaging techniques are limited by on-chip storage and electronic readout speed to operations of about 10 million frames per second, Khaleej Times reported. “For the first time, humans can see light pulses on the fly,” Washington University Biomedical Engineering professor Lihong Wang said. “Because this technique advances the imaging frame rate by orders of magnitude, we now enter a new regime to open up new visions,” said Wang.

The team used a technique called compressed ultrafast photography (CUP) to make movies of the images they took with single laser shots. This is a series of devices customized to work with high-powered microscopes and telescopes to capture dynamic natural and physical phenomena.

Somebody needs to point that baby at certain light flashes in haunted houses /areas. Could be we be shocked at what it may reveal. -Tyr