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05-21-2015, 08:05 PM
My neck hurts. It's getting late for my lazy ass. I don't think we need an intro this time, as we've interviewed Rick before, a few times. So here it is, a bit of an odd interview this time, rather amateurish, and thanks to Rick for even replying with answers! :laugh: I did have to add a few replies to his replies though. Those are in blue. :)

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev - guilty or not guilty? Ok, just kidding! Did the jury get it right in deciding to kill this scumbag?

Kill him. Then dig him up and do it again. Then tell Putin to hand over his mother or we're going in after her and put her in prison for raising two little animals like that.

The NFL has moved the extra point back to the 15 yard line. Defenses can now recover and return 2pt attempts for TD's. Awesome ideas or crappy?

Shitty idea, and that was a shitty question.

Tiger Woods seems to pretty much suck right now. What do you think? He still has like a billion dollars in his account though. But first his hot model wife dumps him, and now Lindsey Vonn and him are splitso.

He's a man-whore. Everyone should acknowledge this glaring fact and stop acting surprised when he screws around on his girlfriend/wife/FWB.

What is the typical temperature at your cabin in the normal winter time? I'm torn between visiting for fishing, or visiting to enjoy the snow, and the snow machines! I can ride them all day if I could!

Usually it's in the mid to upper 20s, and it's actually rare if it gets to zero. The older I get, the more I'm into summer and running around in the boat fishing. I think that's the first step to getting old - summer gains appeal. But there's nothing more pure than humming across a frozen lake in March with a group of friends & family, exploring areas we've never seen before.

I always imagined a board get together. I guess attending from Alaska would be difficult. :) But IF we did, who is the person you would MOST want to meet, just so that you can tell them to F&$# in person? As for me, I'd probably get drunk, hit on all the ladies and then tell everyone to F off. Ok, I kid, I kid.

Well, I'll make the cabin available for a get-together. If any of the regulars here on DP are coming up to AK, drop me a line and I'll make sure I take them on a few boat rides, some fishing, run some Class IV whitewater in the canyon, etc. It's fun to show newcomers what the real AK is like as opposed to those ridiculous "reality" shows on TV.

Who would I want to meet the most? Probably you, you 15-years-of-excuses-slacker! "oh yeah, I def wanna come up, but not this year!" Mmmmhmmmm. Your cup of weaksauce runneth over, Jim.

I don't remember if I asked this in previous interviews, and I'm far too lazy to go back and look, and I really don't care and am gonna ask again anyway. Do you watch TV? Movies? What are some of your favorite programs? Do you "borrow" movies and then give them back, like I do? :)

We don't have cable anymore, the house we moved into last summer has tree blockage for satellite reception. So we tried Netflix, then Hulu, and now with Amazon Prime. Documentaries, action/adventure, old Spaghetti Westerns (Trinity rocked!) anything with Clint, that sort of thing. Musicals and Chick Flicks drive me up the wall.

Ever see the movie The Purge? Or The Purge: Anarchy which was the sequel? If not, basically the idea is to have "the purge" once per year, where anything goes from 8pm until 8am. No laws, even murder is legal during this time. Everyone of course goes on high lockdown except for the psychos. Where would you be? Anyone you might be willing to leave the house for on that evening? LOL Keep in mind, they say this "purge" is good, and necessary. It allows you to vent, and get rid of that anger that may be building up!

Haven't seen it.. but that's a good idea. There's at least one person I know that could use a good purging.

If you could have a special power, and had to choose between time travel and invisibility, which do you choose and why?

Invisibility wouldn't be as effective as people think it would be. Infrared would still see you perfectly, and what good is that if you can't rob Ft. Knox? (Think nudity, brother!)<---- Had to add that in after the fact :)

Time travel... I'd be too tempted to assist the Crusades by showing them how to make modern weaponry and commit genocide so we didn't have this plague upon the world right now.

Ford or Chevy, Mustang or Corvette/Camaro? If you're not smart enough to be a Mustang fan, what thou is your reasoning? :)

Corvette. There's no substitute for greatness. Mustangs don't crack the 200 MPH barrier stock! (attaching the video/comments below for your viewing pleasure!)

The Super Snake is almost like a Pro Stock drag-racing car for the streets if you will. This ultimate performance Mustang has the Kenne Bell supercharged 5.8-liter Ford SVT V8 engine producing 850 horsepower! 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) goes in 3.7 seconds and the top speed is 200 mph (320 km/h).


Alaska should have a pro hockey team. Why don't they? Do you think Alaska would support it? Is there a town large enough to support any style of arena? Yes, that's correct, I know as much about Alaska as I do about what's under my bed, which hasn't been cleaned or seen daylight since I moved here in 1999.

There are arenas up here, they're just smaller in scale because of the small population... Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau have them. There's only 700,000 of us, and I imagine there will be one in the next decade or two.

What's your favorite snack? Everyone has to have a few favorites for a weekend evening and sitting down for the TV or the internet! Mine changes often, and that's why I went from a skinny bastard my whole life to someone who looks like they swallowed a growing tire in my belly.

I really hardly ever eat sweets, but I do have one weakness : Kit Kat! Yeah, when the kiddies come back from trick-or-treating, I lay dibs on those babies. I snack on beef jerky when I'm on the road and I'm missing meals because we're pushing hard.

Ever had your heart broken? Ever feel like my friend Sam?

**NSFW** Listen at your own risk - Sam Kinison alert!


Sam was THE MAN! Strange that he was a reverend prior to comedian... but yeah! I felt just like he did and then some during my divorce! His version of "Wild Thing" was appropriate.