View Full Version : A reply in poem form on another site

John V
05-27-2015, 06:29 AM
Iím not really into poems, although I do enjoy some of the classics. Hereís a quick five minute one that I knocked out in reply to an American intern on a teachers website who had been lured to China with promises of a $60k salary, adventure and fun and found it was a scam.

Nine to five in China

In a land far away, in the long distant past,
Stood a little boy lost, who when questioned or asked;
Believed in a land where pavements were gold;
He knew it was true, because heíd been told.

Please click on this link, this offer is hot,
Now send us your money, as much as youíve got;
He remembered from youth about what had been said,
And clutching his dreams to China he fled.

If you always comply and do as youíre told,
Youíll find thereís no money and no pot of gold;
The moral of this and tales yet to come;
Is that work isnít awesome, high-income, or fun.