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06-15-2015, 10:57 PM
SAFIRE Project Update | Electric Universe 2015

Safire Project created an electric model of the sun.. not a computer model but a live small plamsa "sun" to see if the models matches behaviors of the real sun.... AMAZING STUFF HERE!


Observational evidence conflicting with the nuke theory of the sun.
•acceleration of charged particles away from Sun unexplained by nuke fusion.
•the “impossible” increase in temperature with distance upward from the solar surface, culminating in 2 million Kelvin at the solar corona.
(basically it's hotter on the outside than inside where the nuke furnace is.)
and other "surprising" observations of the Sun in the past 20 years. surprising meaning observations that don't line up with predictions based on the nuke model

There are of course those who poop poop the whole electric concept
A rebuttal to the concept (not the experment) i've linked below is deeper in the details than my pay grade
neutrinodreaming (http://neutrinodreaming.blogspot.com/2011/09/electric-universe-theory-debunked.html)
but i'll read it when i get a minute.

Though I'm REALLY amazed that the experiment seems to MATCH the suns activity. to me that says more than theories and current scientific dogma.