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07-02-2015, 09:17 AM
I've mentioned I believe a few times, that food prices in AZ are miles higher than those in Chicagoland. Yesterday I scored! Saved 53%, yes! Saved more than I spent!

Safeway & Albertson's merged several months back. Other than those that read financial papers, few probably realized it. No changes in either store that would be noticeable to shoppers, other than Safeway had to drop 'doubling of coupons'. In the past few weeks, signs have arisen of changes to come. Safeway has been big on 'Just for U' and 5$ Fridays; Albertson's, more service orientated and 'good prices for all.' So far there hasn't been many changes to "Just 4 U" other than fewer 'personal discounts' and 'free items' for U. There have been more 'incentives' like 4X gas rewards on certain things. $5 Fridays were moved to inside of flyers and the deals not quite as good.

For the past two weeks, there has been a coupon for $5 off for purchase over $50. Pretty quickly we had folks buying about $60 worth of groceries, checking out and coming back for another $60. LOL! Even the 'well to do' seem to like getting $5 off!

Tuesday night I was looking at the 'preview' for sale beginning Wed. $5 coupon still there, but only for 4 days. Wednesday 10% Senior Day, (55 and older). 4th of July Specials included 'Buy 4 (of certain popular items), drastic reduction on cost per item. i.e., gallon AZ Iced tea @$1.99; Pork back loin ribs $9.99 lb-buy 1 get 2! Same with 3 other popular meat items.

Obviously I wanted to get what I wanted and buy on 'Senior Day.' I bought $140 worth, paid $66. ;) Yeah, cursing that we don't have a deep freeze or second fridge. Had to skip some buys, just no room.