View Full Version : Fireworks and pets

07-04-2015, 02:02 PM
Be aware that the atmosphere of Independence Day is wonderful for humans but not so great for some pets. I am fortunate that mine do not react negatively to loud noises. Fireworks, thunder, etc are just ignored for the most part. Many are not so fortunate. More pets go missing on the Fourth than any other day. They panic at the sounds and run to try and get away. Some advice:
1. Keep at least one room in the house dark and as quiet as possible. Close the door and leave food and water available. Leave a fan or AC on and maybe a radio or TV on low to mask outside noise.
2. Be super careful opening and closing the outside doors to limit the chance of an escape.
3. Do not encourage nervous reactions. Don't coo and cuddle as this just emphasizes to the animal that the circumstances are something to worry about.
4. Consider asking your vet for medication if your animal is very anxious.
5. Some animals respond well to holistic remedies to reduce stress.
6. Spend some quiet time just sitting with your pet in a very relaxed way. Perhaps take a book with you and just sit near them. They may or may not want physical contact but they will be reassured by your relaxed body language.

By the way, when you have a young kitten or puppy, the WORST thing you can do is overwhelm them with "Oh it's all right" when they hear such things for the first time. The way I managed my pets was the first time they heard thunder or fireworks, they obviously alerted to it. I would glance at them but just continue with whatever else I was doing. They would hear the noise, look at me and eventually get the message that the noise was just a noise, that Mom was unconcerned about it, and therefore it wasn't a concern for them. The result is that now when a huge thunderclap or a big blast of fireworks noise is heard, their heads come up to listen, then they go about their business. Have a great holiday and stay safe.