View Full Version : Experiment on monkeys in their natural habitat

07-26-2015, 12:53 AM
A few hours ago I registered on another forum to waste some time. Yet, little by litte I started to notice the forum was crowded by idiots. Let me explain myself. This were american idiots (racism, guns, superficial posts, religiosity and so on). So, I did my best to understand them. I said to myself, "well, they're enjoying", "well, USA is a militar country after all", "well, racism is something pretty common in the world", "well, religion is deeply rooted in USA"...

I grew up tired. Everyone seemed so socially conditioned, so full of patriotism and bullshit. Yes, it did cross my mind the possibility of telling them they were not really thinking by themselves. It did cross my mind the possibility of explaining them how politicians can use propaganda to indoctrinate a whole country, but... I just knew I was going to be bullied and banned in no time if I decided to go that route.

I started thinking "okay, now I know why so many people hate americans" but I came to my senses. It's not just USA. This kind of thing can be seen everywhere. The sad part is that not even well developed countries such as USA are different than shitty countries like the one I live in. Venezuelans are full of shit too...

Is like most people on the planet doesn't even think but react most of the time. Is like humans in general care more about feeling and adapting their way of thinking to the prevalent ideologies. That's... that's worst than Planet of the Apes.

The thing is that seeing this kind of behavior makes me feel incredibly alone in the universe, and it's weird. I mean, how should I raise my boy? Should I try to make him a normal ape, should I encourage critical thinking on him?

Yes, I know. Until this point you are assuming you are pretty cool and by no means related to the crowd, and if I told you, for example, that you look like another monkey to me, you would lose your capacity to think critically and enter in "hostile mode", so basically you just "think" you understand what I'm saying because you automatically put yourself out of the bag, thus, you were doing an emotional reading, and if confronted, you would still be doing an emotional reading, which is the genesis of human ridiculousness.

I'd like to find at least one or two people that were more like me... I'm so bored and disapointed that I said to myself "let's piss some people off and see what happens, maybe if I throw them some fake bananas I'll be able to amuse myself for a little bit".

That's what I have in mind right now. What do you think of my "strategy" to see the positive side of a clearly sad perspective of human nature? Confused? You don't know if you should attack or run away from this thread?

I'll give you my honest opinion: if I were you, I would run away and ignore myself for good. That would give you some dignity and you would forget about all this in no time. Why am I manipulating you like this you ask? Well, because I really don't want an outburst of drama... I'm just spending some time over here because I'm bored, so please ignore this cheap phylosophy and move on to the next monkey thread.

Thank you for your time.