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07-29-2015, 04:23 PM
My sister's family found a cat a few weeks back. I brought it to the vet as I felt badly for her. Her eyes were crusted up and she was blowing booger bubbles. Obviously she had some sort of infection. She also needed her first round of shots. The vet said she is only about 6 weeks now, which means she was only about 4 weeks when they found her. She is eating and drinking fine, as well as all is fine with the litter box. Her eyes were almost "glued" shut a few days ago from the gook. They've been trying, but with lame medication and cleaners you get from Petco. They don't have a ton of money, and they didn't expect to have a new kitten on their hands!

Anyway, she has conjunctivitis in her eyes? I had to start her on a few medications. While she still don't look great, it was like night and day overnight!! She has 2 weeks worth of meds. Hopefully she'll be doing fine and get a clean bill of health. I have a video too!!



07-29-2015, 04:26 PM
And here she is eating the next day! What a little dirtbag. She stuffed her tiny face right into the food and got covered in it. I wanted to steal her and bring her home with me so bad!! Anyone elses and she came with me, but my niece would have been heartbroken.