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08-08-2015, 02:11 PM
My half sisters have got to be some of the most toxic people I have ever known. My oldest picked up on how smart I was and put me up to helping her play dirty tricks on her enemies starting at eight years old. When she became a city Councilwoman, she taught me how to dig up dirt on people. I distributed flyers with copies of a decades past child battery conviction of her opponent. We became enemies when I formed my own political opinions. She was what you would call a social conservative, economic liberal. She was a high school dropout. Once I got educated, I refined her lay in way, slice to ribbons tactics. I got to where I could out-slime her. I mentioned in another post how I forced her spend substantial money on legal fees. My other sisters were masters at finding, marrying and taking husbands to the cleaners in a divorce. I learned their tactics in detail. I find them to be detestable, but I'm grateful that I can win against toxic people.

Another influential woman in my life was a boss named April. She had a team of 50 people or so and was universally despised. Several team members told me that I had a GIFT not a disability. They wished that they were stone blind to her belittling innuendoes like I was. I was told I drove her nuts. An example is events such as when she asked me in a meeting "Do you know how many ways I can't stand you?" I got out a pen and paper and told her I was ready to make a complete list to study. She could tell her jabs had no effect and started to make her efforts more noticed such as studying Autism with the intent of inflicting maximum misery. I lawyered up. I also discovered that she was dating her current husband while still married to her ex-husband. Somehow the whole department found out. It was an opportunity to make razor sharp my skills to defeat an opponent in the workplace. She was a director with nine years seniority. I was just a coder that was accustomed to changing jobs. We were both forced out of the company. Again, I don't know whether to be angry at her for being a scumbag, or grateful for making me a better man of war.

08-08-2015, 08:23 PM
Ah, the blessings of experience...