View Full Version : Dre/Apple Studio Beats headphones

08-10-2015, 06:19 PM
How disappointing, and how good to know I got these for free. The woman went to a fancy schmancy dinner thingy awhile back and they gave out a pair of these headphones to those who wanted them. These cost about $350.

No doubt about it, the sound quality is superb. Short of buying REAL studio quality, the sound is second to none.

But then the left ear stops. I wiggle the wire and it comes back. I thought it was something rare, and it slowly started to happen more and more. I replaced the cable, and it still happens. It comes goes for no reason, and you can simply tap the headphones anywhere and it will come back. But a royal pain in the ass, AND a known issue. But being I didn't buy them, I imagine it will be difficult to have replaced.

08-10-2015, 07:00 PM
My dad's company actually worked with Dre on marketing strategy back when he was just starting out. The Dre headphones became famous after Dre began giving them away to athletes and musicians in exchange for product placement.
The Beats phones first caused a stink at various soccer competition, since FIFA had sold marketing rights to another company. Same with the NFL, I believe.

I had a pair early on, but gave them away because they were so bass heavy. There was virtually no center sound stage at all. Which makes them almost perfect for the rap/hip-hop and electronic dance music favored by a lot of young people.

If you want some REALLY good headphones, get an upper grade Sennheiser.