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Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
08-15-2015, 11:36 PM
A Poem On Quotes

A quote can inspire others to fame
words to so fiercely spirit tame
Compassion stabbed out with a pen
heart cracked open , sacrifice then

Never fear to gift hope to others
think of love, as in our mothers
Take bits of wisdom to freely share
ladder be damned , take the stairs

Record good thoughts to inspire joy
leave those to help but not annoy
Angels see our souls often laid bare
they rejoice when we unselfishly share

Think of others with poetic shared words
Yes, fly we can, it is not just for the birds

Robert J. Lindley 07-25-2014

My Seven Poetry Quotes
1.To show heart, wisdom and compassion write poetry and
write it often!
by Robert J. Lindley

2. Ink the pen, share with all that will read then.
by Robert J.Lindley

3. If a drug you must have, choose poetry and generosity.
by Robert J. Lindley

4.To slay the beast deny its feast by writing
food for thought and savor spiritual inspiration.
by Robert J. Lindley

5. Write to save your soul, always a worthy goal.
by Robert J.Lindley

6. Poetry saves lives as does frequent hand washing.
by Robert J. Lindley

7. Hope appeared, poetry was born!
by Robert J. Lindley

Over the decades on paper I very often did sign these
quotes at the end of my writes.
One I left off this list now was during my "bad " years
it was,
"Poetry is Death and Torture with a SOFT FEATHER
and no sleep."
Robert Lindley 2015 . All Rights Reserved.