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09-13-2015, 02:25 AM
This is a poem I wrote for a contest. I am posting here because so many of you have followed the saga of my little guy, Rocky and our journey. You sent us prayers and positive energy over the last year, and I wanted to share my feelings in a different way.


<center style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">Before we met
My mind was set
On a female pet.

As I sat on the ground
Among roughhousing puppies all around
Hoped that I would be found.

Soon, I noticed, off to the side
Staring at me with dark eyes wide
A very quiet, dignified little guy.

Barely hearing his little grunts and sighs
I bent down and we looked into each otherís eyes.
I immediately knew he was my perfect prize.

Brought him home
Never left him alone
While he devoured a delicious doggy bone.

During my dark days of depression
Never once did he question
My Kit Kat obsession.

His dark eyes looked into mine
As if to say,youíll be just fine
We have plenty of time.

Ten good years, the last one bad
Vet said heíll be blind soon (PRA), so sad
Something I canít fix, really mad.

Trusting eyes now opaque,
Every joint and muscle aches;
Oh, how my heart breaks.

Never a whimper, never a sound
No longer does he strut around
With paws floating above the ground.

Squirrels he once furiously chased
No longer have to make haste
Each step now cautiously placed.

His aging confusion is stressful for us
Heís embarrassed by all the fuss
Iím so grateful for his trust.

I miss his dark eyes looking into mine
I wish I could say youíll be just fine
We have plenty of time.