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Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
10-06-2015, 11:06 AM

Fox Nation:

Bill O’Reilly sent Jesse Watters to Dearborn, Michigan to ask the
folks what they thought about the so-called “Arabic capitol of
North America,” where almost 50 percent of the city is Muslim.

Here are their answers.

Jesse: Where are you from?





Jesse: What do you think about all the Muslims here?

“They’re bad. They’re not friendly. They don’t speak to you.”

Jesse: Do you miss the desert? It’s pretty cold here.

“It is very cold, but listen, we’ve been here a long time.”

Jesse: Why did you come to America?

“I come to America because there was a civil war in Lebanon and
to finish my school.”

“The opportunities for jobs – working at Ford Motor Company.”

“Saddam had my father in prison.”

Jesse: What do you do for a living?

“Middle East financial services.”

Jesse: Financial services?

“Yeah, send money overseas or receive money.”

Jesse: That sounds suspicious.

“I’m a hair stylist.”

Jesse: How’s my hair?

“Excellent. You’re a good looking guy anyways.”

Jesse: I’m married. Sorry.

“I’m straight anyway.”

Jesse: What is Sharia law?

“There is no such thing called Sharia law. People made it up.

“What is it – Sharie? Sh…Sharia?”

Jesse: Never heard of it? That’s good.

“Sharia is a law by the holy Quran and the prophet Muhammad.”

Jesse: Do you want Sharia law here in America?

“It’s good if it’s here.”

Jesse: What do you think is the higher power? The Constitution
or Sharia law?

“Sharia law – if they follow it, it’s better, you know.”

Jesse: Why do you think so many Muslims around the world dislike

“Most of the people said, ‘Death to America.’ They love America.
They don’t know what the hell they are talking about.”

Jesse: They misspoke.

Jesse: Would you guys change anything about the United States if
you could?

“Not really. I like the way the United States is, you know, cause
it’s total freedom. If you could do what you want to do. If you
want to succeed in this country, and you try hard, you can.

Jesse: The terrorists are giving you guys a bad rap.

“Yes, they are. We don’t like terrorists too. We try to fight
them together.”

“But when people hear the word terrorist, they automatically
think Muslim.”

Jesse: There is a reason for that.

“Yeah, yeah, I do agree with you.”

Jesse: Does the FBI every come snooping around here?

“Well, if they come in, we share with them. I don’t have a
problem with that.”

Jesse: Have you ever seen any suspicious activity here?

“Last year there was a woman stoned. Not too long ago, you know,
I read there was an honor killing because a girl bought condoms. I mean, yeah, that keeps you on edge.”

Jesse: Do you wear a burqa ever?

“No, our religious belief is we do not have to cover our face.”

Jesse: Thank God because you have a very beautiful face.

Jesse: Which way’s Mecca?

“Mecca this way.”

Jesse: You sure?


Jesse: Have you ever marched in an anti-terrorism rally?

“No, because I was busy.”

Jesse: Maybe you should.

“Maybe I don’t have time.”

Jesse: Do you like Christmas?

“Oh yeah.”

Jesse: Do you celebrate Christmas?

“Yeah, we do.”

Jesse: If you celebrate Christmas, can I celebrate Ramadan?
“Why not?”

Jesse: Are you guys a little jealous of Christmas?
“No. No. No. We have our holidays, too.”

Jesse: Not as good as Christmas.

O’Reilly’s Take:

O’Reilly: You couldn’t get the Watters’ World out. The guy said I’m not going to sit for this, right back to Yemen.

Watters is on vacation by the way, and he’d like to tell you that he’s having fun.