View Full Version : Russia+Iran Preparing Take Back Of Syrias Biggest City- Aleppo

Christie Brinkley
10-17-2015, 10:14 AM
Russian/Iran/Hezbollah forces are to take part in the take back of Syrias largest city in an attempt to secure Assads position as the countries leader.


Russian air cover is backing offensives by Syria's army and allied militias in the central provinces of Homs and Hama, as well as Aleppo in the north and Latakia along the coast.

On Friday, the Syrian army pushed south from the provincial capital Aleppo city, where control is divided between regime and rebels forces, as Russian air strikes pounded the villages of Al-Hader and Khan Tuman and nearby localities.

With the hundreds of airstrikes Russia has already launched on the jihadists there seems to be a growing fear in the terrorist organisations with a picture emerging online showing jihadists shaving their beards so they can blend into the rest of the population in Turkey and claim to be a refugee to escape the elite shiite Hezbollah militia and Russias bombing campaign which is in its 3rd week.


If the combined forces manage in the take back of the city it will most likely dislodge jihadists groups in the west of the country and possibly make them flee to Turkey or to ISIS in the east.

ISIS are going to have a lot more fire power attacking them after the west of the country is taken back as the russian air force and the SAA can focus their efforts on the east.