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10-20-2015, 05:50 PM
What's the interest in Christie Brinkley?

I got interested in Christie Brinkley after I saw National Lampoons Vacation in the late 90's, her role also in the uptown Billy Joel music video also increased my interest in her. Like all celebs they are seduced into the liberal agenda including her going to Democrat campaign events *sigh*. Just like Bono pushing the UN+GMO, somewhat ruins his great music.

Your thoughts on American politics in general?

Current US politics is hopeless, there is a glimmer of hope in Trump but I am not sure if he is the real deal because of other things he said about supporting Democrats and abortion. The only way forward in America is stopping private funding of political parties and to introduce more parties into the mix. Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush is like deciding if you want aids or gonorrhea or having the choice of being shot in the leg or in the gut, I don't want to be shot at all! What am really concerned about is if they start trying to confiscate guns in the state, that will only cause a civil war.

And the USA with Obama at the helm? And to be fair, when George Bush was at the helm? How differently did you view our country based on who is in the white house?

George Bush at least he left people alone domestically (apart from draconian anti-terror laws and support of the central banks), he supported the second amendment but he was a liar and a sell out just like the presidents before (after JFK). Obama on the other hand is a whole different thing. He feeds off peoples poverty and misery by using identity politics to galvanize the black vote even when black unemployment under Obama has doubled they are still manipulated by this piece of scum. Obama is also on his other level when you are talking about the tyranny'ometer, from 1 (George Washington) to 10 (Kim Jong Un/Stalin/Mao) Obama is a 7- but believe me if Hillary gets in she will be 8+.

Your thoughts on guns, and our 2nd amendment? Spoons that made me fat?

Support the second amendment in the states and I want gun controls in areas of Chicago lifted so normal people can start defending themselves against thugs. I must say the politicians who come out of that Democrat hell hole of Chicago are real demons.

What sports do you follow? Do you follow the NFL? Favorite teams?

I followed NFL for sometime and supported the New York Giants after they won the super bowl but I am not interested in any sport now. I think there are more important things to deal with.

Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

No, funnily enough! I hate the Turkish government, they are scum beyond belief on the level of Hillary Clinton

Ever been to the US?

I went to Orlando Florida and spent almost a year in Maine after 2 weeks holiday in Florida. I must say Florida and its beaches, so beautiful especially at the sunset when everyone claps, first thing that made me cry in a long time;) The TV in the states is TERRIBLE. You have different versions of shows we have here but everything is so fake and cheesy.

Tell us a little about your background. Where ya from, how ya got here. Married? Kids?

I am from Coventry, England and I currently live there I am currently living with my partner (not married) and we have no kids. I am very interested in the history of my city and I would advise anyone coming to England to visit Coventry as it has got thousands of years of history, visit the cathedrals (new and the old one), very interesting for me and I have gone dozens of times to the ruins of the cathedral.

What do you think of Obama's job - and what do you think would be good to see for America in 2016?

Obama has furthered the DE-industrialization of America by shutting down your power plants and helped move industry overseas, he is actually planning to close down more power plants than he has done in his previous term just in 2016 alone so he is going for broke in that sense. Currently Obama is probably on some kind (legal or illegal) drug as he has really been acting strangely in his latest speeches (stranger than normal). Lame duck mode has gone full in with him playing golf all the time and him posting weird faces on twitter. Absolute moron.

How do you view Hillary Clinton?

I could not even try to not mention her, she is a power hungry witch who relies on moronic idiots to vote for her. She has nothing but more pain for America. She goes on about the caring for the working class!? THE WORKING CLASS!? She cares about the working class when she owns 4 mansions and is a multi multi millionaire (hundreds of millions). Any brain dead morons reading this if Hillary has been elected in 2016 something tells me there will not be an election come 2020.

Do you watch a lot of movies? What have you seen lately? And what do you tune into on the TV?

I am very interested in sci-fi/dystopian movies like Elysium, Hunger games, V for Vendetta, Children of men. I also like dramas especially with Tom Hanks in like Forrest Gump and castaway. I also like Denzel Washington, when you see him on the front of a DVD then you know the movie is going to be good. I also love Pay it Forward, beautiful film and I advise everyone to watch especially Christians but spoiler alert- it can be emotional. I don't watch much TV any more apart to laugh at the propaganda on the news and some documentaries that are sometimes on TV but I watch TV online would be fear the walking dead and the walking dead as I am interested in survival scenarios and the drama/action involved. I advise people to watch it.

What type of music you listen to?

Not really a big fan of music really as I said I like (somewhat) Bono others I like would include the Beatles/Oasis/The Cranberries/Bon Jovi

If you could change any one thing on the board, what would it be?

Since I have had experience on internet forums and I have been roaming around internet forums as well as moderating internet forums I would say this one needs more titles like more than just Senior/Junior member, give it a theme like an army film when you move up the ranks. Could add a bit more to the forum. Saying that I have probably got better ideas but I have had a long day and my brain is kinda slow. You also need to change icons, bit strange for UK politics to have US flag and bald eagle;)

10-23-2015, 10:47 AM
Another great interview!

I think we need to give Tyr a pay raise. All in favor?

10-23-2015, 11:38 AM
Another great interview!

I think we need to give Tyr a pay raise. All in favor?

Hey ya dirty basturd, I did this one! Are you a democrat taking my money? :laugh:

10-23-2015, 11:56 AM
Hey ya dirty basturd, I did this one! Are you a democrat taking my money? :laugh:

It's so cold out this morning that I saw a Democrat with his hands in his own pockets.

I still think Tyr should get a raise, Ebenezer!

10-23-2015, 12:42 PM
It's so cold out this morning that I saw a Democrat with his hands in his own pockets.

I still think Tyr should get a raise, Ebenezer!

Tyr will have to get in line. I haven't had a raise since 2005!

It's Darin that got all the $$. Now he's spending it all on Warsteiners and Bratwurst.