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10-21-2015, 01:45 PM
Tyr was kind enough to reach out and get a few interviews this go 'round, and Perianne was kind enough to accept. I like these interviews. Kinda cool to get at least a little insight as to who one another are and what brought us here. :)


1. What kind of childhood and family upbringing did you have and where did you live during those years?

I was born Pierrette Anne in a small farm house outside Pori, Finland. My mother divorced my father and moved us to England, and then to America when I was three. We landed in Cleveland, Ohio. My mother remarried and we moved to Columbus, Ohio, and then to Western Kentucky. I have no memories of Finland, England, or Ohio.

My mother was fiercely conservative and independent, refusing to take money or services from anyone for anything which she did not earn. We were poor, very poor. My "daddy" scraped up enough money to attend a junior college and get some education, enough apparently to get himself noticed. He secured a good job at a government nuclear-related facility, and for all practical purposes our poverty was relieved. Due to sexual abuse from my "daddy", I left home the day after my eighteenth birthday, catching a Greyhound bus for the next city, which was Bowling Green, Kentucky. After working various jobs, I met the man of my life and married him. About 1 1/2 years later I gave birth to my daughter. Raising her and working our way up in the world was our life until my husband died a few years ago of peritonitis.

2. How would you describe yourself politically and what measures would you take to correct this nation's current path were you suddenly put in charge?

I am as conservative as anyone can be.
If I were totally in charge, I would generally take our country back to the 1950s values and laws.

3. What are your favorite hobbies and sports?

I have always been interested in sports, though I was never very good at them. I could always run fast, but that was all I had. My favorite sport is football. I mean REAL football, not the soccer stuff. I will watch just about any sport that is on TV except men's soccer and non-postseason baseball.
As far as hobbies, I love to read, though my eyesight is worsening and I have to wear reading glasses. I love rock-n-roll music from my early years. I am addicted to politics. I also like doing handyman stuff. I recently rebuilt my deck. My husband, who was a "master" carpenter taught me how to do things as we built our house. I did most of the electrical stuff, some plumbing, some drywall (though I stink at it). I recently added video security cameras to the outside of my house, running the wires inside and hooking it all to a splitter thingy and monitor.
When my husband was working his way up in the construction world, he took night classes on refrigeration, electrical, and plumbing….anything that would increase his value to an employer. One day he brought home a book (which I still have) about electronics. While he didn't particularly care for electronics, I picked it up and read the book…and fell in love with electronics theory and principles.
I guess I like doing stuff that is generally considered men's work.

4. How would you describe your current life ,family, etc?

My life now consists of my daughter, work, and life in general. I am alone now as my new husband found me too difficult to live with. I date a lot, but have found only one person that I really wanted to spend a lot of time with. Unfortunately, I am not clear where that is heading….and it makes me sad.

5. Who are your heroes past and/or present? Feel free to include family members if desired and tell us why they are/were so special.

After many years of being angry with my mother for marrying the bustard that she did, I finally came to peace with it all. I consider my mother my hero as she worked and suffered so that her little girl would someday have a good life. I wish we could have remained in Finland rather than move us here.
I also consider Ronald Reagan as my political hero. I hold him up as a god.

6. Favorite television shows and/or movies and why?

My favorite movie of all time is The Godfather, for obvious reasons. I have liked many television programs over the years. My favorite is/was Breaking Bad. I think there is something inside me that admires those who do things their own way.

7. How do rate President Obama's policies to date?

Obama is the second-worst president we have suffered. At least the worst president, Lincoln, did the right thing and got himself shot in the head. Obama will live to a ripe old age and glorify himself for his part in the destruction of America. To some extent, I believe America has gotten exactly what she deserves for electing this worthless bustard.

8. Would you support impeachment of Obama and if so why? How great a punishment would you support were he found guilty?

I would no more support impeachment of Obama than I would impeachment of the Supreme Court justices and members of Congress. They are all in it together. Contrary to most people, I don't view Obama as particularly intelligent. If he were to be impeached and removed from office, another one would simply take his place. The average liberal is missing something inside his/her brain that the rest of us have.

9. Should this nation rise up against the current tyranny to save itself from great future disasters?

Yes. I fully support a civil war and even at my advanced age of 58, I would join and fight.

10. Do you support our military, if yes, why and how much?

I don't know how to answer this question. Mentally, yes I support the military. But I have never served and done anything to prove that I support them. When I see a person in military clothing I thank them for their service, but other than that, I've done nothing.

11. Have you ever visited other nations and experienced foreign cultures in their native lands?

Several years ago I returned to Pori to visit the final resting place of my father. I met my Finnish family and enjoyed my visit there.

12. What truly scares you or gives you cause to wonder about yourself and your family's future?

About myself, I fear I will never meet anyone who loves me as much as my husband loved me. I also fear I will live so long as to become a burden to my daughter.
I fear for the safety and future of my daughter as millions of undesirables are admitted to this country. I see no future except for more liberalism.